Saturday, January 3, 2009

No News Is Good News...

Hello friends and neighbors;
I have absolutely nothing new to report on today!
This is a GOOD thing, it is sometimes hard to get used to not ripping and running, and having no drama.
I'll suffer through it, thank you. LOL
I did watch two dvds on the borrowed portable player though, "When Do We Eat", a dramedy about a dysfunctional family at Pesach (Passover for all you 'goyim' out there ;-) ) where the misfit son slips dad a tab of E [Ecstasy] before the Seder . Hilarity ensues, and pain and heartache and redemption. The Rabbis' commentary and discussion from the special features area after the movie is quite revealing and thought provoking, it is as good as the movie. I also watched " Lars And The Real Girl", it too was moving, in a sweet, innocent, touching, and funny way, and Ryan Gosling was excellent as Lars, a shy reclusive loner, who purchases a life-like 'love doll' {from a real company, check out, }, not as a sex toy, but to him and his delusion , she, 'Bianca' is real. And because Lars is such a nice guy, not your typical movie 'loner', the whole town goes along with his delusion. Maybe because I can relate to escaping from realities harshness and the awful feelings of loneliness that can drive one to the brink of insanity and beyond, voluntarily no less, this movie truly reached out to me. Yes, among the laughs I may have leaked a few tears, but we won't tell anyone...will we ? Anyway, like I said, I've nothing to write about today, the weathers mild for January, I've got a bus pass, food, coffee, cash, meds, I'm shaved and recently showered, movies to watch because my library fines are paid off at last, the library and coffee shop are open, and these are only the tangibles. It is easy to be grateful when one's "GOT", remembering and acknowledging, and thanking and passing on those thanks, takes the effort. AND, when I'm cold and tired and broke, remembering the intangibles that I still have, the love and faith of god and friends, keeping my own faith alive with the belief that things WILL improve, that's the real test, I pray that I am strong enough to pass it.
Sorry, next time I get obnoxiously positive or preachy,
"Somebody Slap Me" as the Mask (aka Jim Carrey) would say...........See you all later ..Dave

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