Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Toothache.....Infection......Pain.......Misery To The Nth Power......."

Good Afternoon;

Well.......... Both the 104 degree fever and my thermometer broke yesterday.
And it's a damn good thing because I was down to my last 2 painkillers... which I normally break into 4 separate 2 mg. pieces and take a daily dose of 2 mgs. with an occasional increase to 4 mg. on a bad day. The pain and infection that started in my lower left jaw, spread to the upper left jaw and cheek area, and then increased in intensity logarithmically as it settled in the  gums above the broken upper front center incisors, roof of the mouth, nose and sinus region. 
It was the worst, most intense, debilitating pain I have ever felt!!

At the peak it took 4 of my 8 mg buprenorphine sublingual tablets to dull the pain to a bearable level. That is 32 mgs. of a painkiller that mg. for mg. is 
40 times more powerful than Morphine!

The really weird thing is that I have never had pain that was not caused by instant injury or trauma that did not steadily increase as the efficacy of the previously ingested pain meds faded either quicker or slower depending on various factors such as severity of pain and dosage amounts etc.

This pain came back like someone shoved an electrical cord in my mouth and flipped the freakin' breakers! It literally reappeared out of nowhere and could stop/drop me in my tracks! F*ck that!

If the level of pain had increased to the point where it required yet another 8 mg. 'bupe', or I was out of them and stuck out here in the middle of nowhere,
.......well, to euphemize in medical/psychiatric terms; --
 "Ideation would have become Action!"
Yes it was THAT painful.... and the Loyal Readers know all my experiences with surviving "Shock Trauma/Sinai ER7/'near death experience'/'grab the f*cking paddles-charging-clear-again.......again........'/flatlined-clinically dead" pain quality/quantified situations..... more than once!

Anyway..... the fever, and simultaneously the pain broke early Friday afternoon, along with the thermometer. Which I dropped in the sink as I was looking in the bathroom mirror at what I thought was just swollen tissue above the gum line......and which turned out to be a pocket of infected blood, pus, filth, and corruption that burst under my none too gentle manipulations.
And while this nauseated and scared the cowboy shit out of me.... it also relieved the last of the pain and pressure as it drained and I repeatedly rinsed my mouth with Listerine..
....(and squealed like a little girl at the lovely burning!

So I need root canal work in at least 6 places, encompassing who knows how many of my messed up teeth...... just a bit of free advice boys and girls,....

....."Among the multitude of reasons NOT to do Heroin that you are or will be bombarded with, obvious and not so much so..... one that does not get a whole lot of attention is that besides the incompatibility of good oral hygiene and a junkie lifestyle..... dope in and of itself will suck the freakin' calcium from your teeth, leaving them with the structural integrity of a damn sugar cube!"

I'm still here at Jenn's in the wilds of Northern Baltimore County..... AKA East Bumf*ck!... and this helped in dealing with the situation....... while presenting a whole 'nother set of  sanity challenging issues that I can't even elaborate on here, for obvious reasons of confidentiality and ???????!

The PREAKNESS is about to start, more soon,

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elana snyder said...

I did not read the entire post, but welcome to my world. excruciating bone, joint, muscle, tendon and nerve pain that never leaves. doctors in my state don't prescribe pain medicine. it is the most inhumane situation one can imagine. dog and cats are better off because people are willing to put THEM out of their misery. dave, I feel ur pain, and I ain't exaggerating!