Friday, January 29, 2010

"Space Age Technology Needed For My Stone Age Ecology............."

Good Morning;

In a recent survey, 100% of all the homeless bloggers polled concurred:
Okay, it was so cold out last night, 15 degrees at 3:00 am., that when I finally was forced to crawl out of the bag after 35 minutes of fighting the need, I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital and explain how I got frostbitten on a part of my anatomy where one never wants to be 'bitten' in any way, shape, or form!
Now I know someone from NASA has been looking in on the blog occasionally. So, how about donating one of the surplus...
(that is EXTRA and UNNEEDED!! not USED!!....LOL!!)...:
"Relief Tube and Reservoir Attachment,
For Use In Sealed Spacesuit Environment,
Male--Self Adjusting and Self Sealing"
I'm afraid that one cold night...the expression 'Blue Balls' will be more than just a teenage sexual frustration euphemism!!!..........LOL-[NOT]!!!

I found out that my daughter Jenn was contacted by one of the folks writing about me, I have not spoken to her yet to see if she 'sold me down the river' or
(I think she likes the babysitting availability of "Pop-Pop Dave" too much to burn me too bad though.....LOL!)

Still looking for a companion to go see the Charm City Roller Girls on opening night Saturday Jan. 30th at 6:00 pm......any takers???
I really need to go out on a date, and I figure any woman cool enough to do the Roller Derby on a first date....well, we ought to get along pretty good!!
(For those who don't realize it, when you roll your cursor over any of the http or www urls that I post, you can 'left click' and go directly to the site I am focusing on, and return here by clicking your 'back arrow'. If you knew this, just FYI, someone asked me what it meant when "all those letters kept changing color"
I'm heading over for coffee and lunch now to Starbucks, I'll be at Jenn's tonight and maybe tomorrow also...(unless I get lucky with my appeal for feminine camaraderie and we hit it off with such an instant connection that I am offered overnight accommodations...with or without intimacy options...[though one can always hope and dream...right?] me???.....text me???.......come find me in the next few hours at the coffee shop???....{what?? me ?? desperate??.......LOL}...........), so I may not be back until Sunday afternoon,....(or even Monday, if the gods of love smile upon me!......LOL).............!
Have a good weekend, and while you are bitching about the snow, (if it does), remember how lucky we are to have a place to stay in, out of the elements. Even my shed, crappy as it is, hasn't violently collapsed around my grateful we are not in Haiti, and do what you can to help...........
P.S.-...........By the time I get back online, we will have surpassed 4000 visitors the this little 'exercise in exorcism',
Thanks to all who came and who came back,
I hope you have been entertained, and possibly enlightened,
you make it all worthwhile, I would still probably write even if no one was reading, but your interest and support, encounters and conversations,and,...
in a few very special occurrences,
the deep and meaningful friendships and relationships, and...
the love which has been shown me, and which I am priveledged to share and return, is both reward and validation...............Dave

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hell Again;
Just read about the attack on a man at Mt Washington under the JFX.
I travel that path every day and night and have never seen or had any problems.

"Jack Of Hearts Lookimg For His 'Roller Derby Queen'.................."

Good Afternoon;
I had a great day yesterday!
Something told me to run off a couple copies of my book in the morning and I did so, and ended up giving one to Phil Jacobs of the JT, which was planned for. I met a woman and her husband at the Mt. Washington Starbucks when we shared a table, and it ended uo that they were regular customers and big fans of my desserts at the coffee shop I used to work at in Fells Point, 'Funks Democratic Coffee Spot'. We were talking about art and writing and poetry, and I pulled out my book to show her a sample, she being a writer also, and she asked if she could keep it and handed me $5.00! Before reading it!!! Pretty damn cool! Then my friend Lynn from the Starbucks in Pikesville walked in looking for me to surprise me..which she did!..and said she wanted to be able to read some of my stuff again one day...She was on the way out in a hurry as we had gotten deeper into conversation than we had realized, and she hda a hair appointment, so as she was getting her coat on I whipped out a pen and signed the last copy I had with me and handed it to her.....geee, she is a great hugger!!!..(woe is me...the story of my life...liked, loved and trusted by ANOTHER happily married woman)..LOL!

I stopped by the Sunpapers after picking up the Ice Show tickets at the Arena and left an envelope with $26.00 cash in it for Kevin Cowherd, (it took me a year to do it, with many different reasons contributing to the delay, from not having money when I thought about it, to not being able to get down there when I did have it or needing to divert planned funds to a more pressing situation, to having money in hand and simply and inexcusably not thinking about it), the irony being that it was money he offered to give me to take Rachel to the Ice Show..LAST YEAR!!..which I said I would accept if he let me pay him back. A small load of guilt has been lifted from my mind,..(and this HAS been eating at me for a long time!)..virtue being it's own reward, even when slightly tarnished by time.
Yesterday Phil from the JT asked for mine and Jenn's permission to contact her for the story coming out on Feb. 12th...and today there was an e-mail from Evan of Baltimore Mag. asking the same thing for their story in the March issue...Hmmmm, do all executive editors in Baltimore share the same brain???.....LOL!
I helped Mary with the trash cans at the Starbucks (it may not sound like much..but these cans are a beat up, nasty, broken down, filthy mess, with busted wheels and half full of foul heavy crud that is permanently bonded to the bottom, new cans are SUPPOSED to have been ordered, but Starbucks is a corporation that spends more on it's image and petty rules than on making the job easier for the employee ), and she handed me a bag of sandwiches as I was leaving last night..(the new tuna melt is pretty good).
Caveat Emptor and the Perpetuation of a Stereotype..(by the stereotypee!!):
For you own good avoid the dollar store in the Pikesville Shopping Center. It is owned and run by an Asian family who treat every customer as either a potential thief, or a 'mark' to be taken advantage of. They sell shoddy merchandise..EVEN FOR A DOLLAR STORE IT IS CRAP!!!)..and will not replace or refund anything to any one...EVEN IF THE PRODUCT BREAKS AS YOU TRY TO USE IT, AFTER PAYING FOR IT WHILE YOU HAVE NOT EVEN LEFT THE STORE YET!!!
That last paragraph speaks for itself!
I am out of here for coffee and food at the Starbucks. I am supposed to babysit and spend the Friday night at Jenn's, and probably the weekend if it snows like some of the forecasters have been predicting, and the front moves a few miles north of I-95.
If we DO NOT get a real mess on Saturday, I am thinking of going to see the Charm City Roller GRRLLS, at DuBurns arena that night...anybody want to go with me, (if you are female and single....I'll buy your ticket....LOL....[NO! SERIOUSL,,, I Will!].
I'm outta here.....Dave

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Quick......Write That Down!............."

Good Morning;
So today started off one heck of a lot better than yesterday!
I stopped at FedEx/Kinkos to make another copy of my little book of poetry, and now, I'm on my way down to try to get 1/2 price tickets to the "100 Years Of Disney" ice show. Jenn and I are taking Rachel and Ed for his 5th birthday, and opening day tix are always reduced, but sell out quickly. Then to a meeting with Phil from the JT, a stop off at the Baltimore Sun, and over to the Mt. Washington Starbucks, where I have not been for a couple-three days. I wonder if they miss me...or even
I was thinking on what Paul and others have said about my life being decent fodder for a book, I am daunted by the idea of trying to write continuously and coherently fo that many pages. I have a lot of funny and ironic stories that may have some value, but a book? Most books of this type are success stories or have happy or really tragic endings, and I defintely do not feel the first...and am trying like hell to avoid the last...LOL! Part humility...part fear. Maybe a collection of anecdotes, if I could find an editor and/or collaborator?
I'd really like to be able to write some sort of column similar to the blog, a combination 'slice of life-observation-commentary' on the daily absurdities and ironies I see.
I'm out of here for now, I may be back later, see you..............Dave

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

" Who Put ME At The Head Of The Cosmic 'FECAL ROSTER'???.......OR......' # 1 On The Sh*t Parade!'................."

Good Evening;
You want to talk about a day starting off crappy....
Notice: If you are still reading....and still get were warned!
First off: I was on the commode and did a 'Courtesy Flush' for aromatic exhaust purposes....and the previous occupant must have been stuffing the Sunday New York Times down the chute or something, because I heard that sound you DO NOT want to hear of rising water UNDER you!! After a contortionists act to twist the damn valve to off, I had to plunge the toilet and then clean and sanitize the whole damn bathroom....a great way to start the morning.
Then: I decided to empty out the 'effin litter box because even the foul stink dog was becoming offended, and the cats were yowling like banshees. I think I suffered ammonia burns to my eyes and sinuses, and still have not recovered my sense of smell or taste.
Next: I am taking the BAGS, (plural) of litter to the dumpster and as I was crossing the grass I felt a squish that I was pretty damn certain was not mud, and at the same time felt the internal construction of my old beat up boots finally give up the ghost.
Finally: As I am heaving the bag of 'feline tootsie rolls' up, up and away into the dumpster...the plastic on the bag that had been sitting outside on the patio disintegrated....and back sprayed at my feet...luckily I had not yet changed into the old but slightly less beat up pair of boots that I scavenged from my son-in-law..(the initial culprit, I think!!).. that I am now wearing, and I had already pulled out my 'good' yellow laces! And I had also put my only pair of jeans in the washer and was wearing a pair of 'disposable' sweatpants!
What did I do to deserve this????....LOL!
After I showered I went up to the Starbucks at St. Thomas and met with Paul, a long time 'loyal reader' and had a nice talk...(more tomorrow, I am out of time now). He surprised me with a $50.00 phone card! We plan on meeting again sometime in the near future.
It is closing time...back Wednesday......Dave

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Another..........Blast From The Past............"

Good Afternoon;

Rachel and I had a great day yesterday, after we left the library we walked to McDonalds, then walked up to Target. The "Dollar Racks" are just inside the door and she got to choose 6 things. Of course being an almost 6 year old little girl her choices of.. a miniature 6 inch globe; a set of little farm animals, (not all in proportion, one of the geese is as big as the horse, and there are three different sizes of; a 15 inch tall red velveteen rose with a wire cored bendable stem; a frog shaped board clock face with movable hands and an erasable 'white board' below it for learning to tell time; a 2 pack of nail polish, (red and clear coat); and a large, flat, coiled in to a heart shaped, cherry all day sucker don't seem to be related to any one I went back to Jenn's to get my bag and ended up staying the night due to circumstance and exhaustion, and the weather. I literally ended up passed out on the couch from all the tension, stress and excitement, both good and bad, of the past week or so.

I woke up at 4:30 am. and it was pouring down rain and blowing sideways, the wind was so strong, I texted Paul and we postponed meeting until tomorrow afternoon.

Edward, my grandson, and I came to an understanding this morning, he woke up rude, surly, and disobedient, to his mom and me....and after I picked him up by his pajamas and carried him back to his bed.....he came to understand that if he wanted to live through the day he had better change his attitude... so I told him he had a "free DO-OVER", and could start his day all over with a clean slate, or he could stay in his bed all day and not make a noise, watch TV, or eat....or even breathe loud!...

It's amazing how good he has been today!

To quote Mel Brooks, from 'History Of The World--Part II'..."It's Good To Be The King"!!!

I got an e-mail today from the former best friend of my first wife, (Jenn's mom), today. She was introduced to the blog by Jenn from their Facebook connection, she has a daughter Jenn's age, and they were all living together at one point, if memory serves me.

It really was a thrill to make contact with someone I have not seen in 20 years, and an honor to have her say she liked the blog and would come back for more...Thanks Colleen, it is things like this that make my day and keep me writing!

I am going back to Jenn's in a few minutes, I am babysitting again for them because Jenn's best friend celebrates an anniversary tonight at their homegroup. I'll probably spend the night again, so I can wash some clothes and shower before going to meet Paul tomorrow afternoon.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Just Checking In..............."

Good Afternoon;
I'm here at the library with Rachel to see 'Pam the Kindersinger' perform. I stopped by Jenn's to shower and Rachel played with Devin and Edward for a bit. I'm heading back there after Rachel goes home and Jenn and I are watching the playoff game.
Todays colors courtesy of...RACHEL
See you tomorrow, Dave

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"A Good Day.."

Good Morning;
Well yesterday was a pretty good day in that it was calm, quiet and routine. A day the likes of which you yourself might have experienced...(minus the sleeping outside in the shed of!). I went to the Post Office and mailed Janet her copy of the book, wrote and responded to a bunch of e-mails, talked to Rachel on the phone, stopped at the food store, checked out som books and movies from the library..and paid off an outstanding fine, rode the bus and the train, had some coffee at the Starbucks..(where I asked to share a table with a young woman because it was so crowded and got into a nice comversation with a new aquaintance)..[and also took the recyclables and trash down to the dumpster for Ashley and recieved a whole bagful of sandwiches, pastry, and fruit and cheese trays....Thank You Very Much!!], reading the paper and my book and listening to music, (reading and listening list to, and the high point of the day was when I talked to AnnaMarie on the phone as we were both outside watching the International Space Station transit the evening sky...

{Attention!!: Saturday Evening..(tonight!!) 6:20 pm..(give or take a minute or so) will again be visible starting in the north-northwest sky, heading to the southeast, as a bright!!! steadily moving's so damn cool!!....[Space Geeks Unite!!!....LOL!!] for it...I will be!}

...then buses back to the gas station, where the Keno gods must have been on, and then, and here is where your average day and mine begin to differ again, back to the shed, where I listenened to 'the upper middle class white skate punk wannabes', (sk8rboyz), click, clack, crunch and crash for an hour or so in the parking lot nearby, then I went to sleep, about midnight, getting up twice to perform the 'cold shoe quick step' out to the tree and back. Pretty much an ideally low key, no pressure day out on the streets, (ameliorated by spending as little time as possible actually 'on the street'!).
Library List:
"The year of living biblically : one man's humble quest to follow the Bible as literally as possible."..A.J. Jacobs
"Marsbound"..Joe Haldeman

"A Deadly Shade Of Gold"..John D. MacDonald..(A Travis McGee novel)


"Good Night And Good Luck"

"The Court Jester"...(Danny Kaye)

"Monster House"

"One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest"..(Jack Nickolson)


"Trick Or Treat"..The String Cheese Incident

"All That I Am"..Carlos Santana

"Real Live Roadrunning"..Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris

Jennifer and I are both reading "The Year of Living Biblically......", concurrently, I left it at her house and whoever grabs it first..(usually on the way to the bathroom to escape the kids.....all you parents know what I'm talking about....LOL)...reads it until the other snags it.
I expect to be back over there Monday night to babysit and spend the night, (if not before), so she may have finished it by then. But...with Edward in his latest 'cranial-rectal' phase....nah, she is more likely using at a missile....LOL!

I mentioned yesterday about the relief and danger of having enough meds in hand for a long period, if any of you are addicts in recovery, or even want to be but not there yet, you'll know right off what I mean. For the rest of you I'll try to explain, the sense of complacency and overconfidence, and the knowledge that I could F*ck up and use, and have an easy escape route is part of the insidiousness of the disease of addiction. It tells you things, like 'just this once', and 'you can control it', and 'you deserve a little pleasure, after all the sh*t you've gone through'....etc. And there is also the tendency to possibly overuse the medication, taking it a little more, or more often than really needed, for a legitimate reason, but not waiting until the pain is really bad.

And on top of that, when I was at Jenn's I was putting an infrequently used pan away in one of the up high, out of reach of the kids, and not often used cabinets in the kitchen, when I ran across Tom's insulin about a shaky, scary experience. A pocket full of cash, spikes, and a guaranteed misery free escape from withdrawal.....I packed my bags and left like a bat out of hell...I'm no stranger to temptation....and like the song written and performed by Lari White says..
"Lead me not into temptation
I already know the road all too well
Lead me not into temptation
I can find it all by myself"
I gotta admit it was a tough moment, but I passed the test...this time...which is the one thing I have to remember, every roll of the dice, the clock starts all over again.
Now to go feed my other old and my latest adiction....
Coffee!!!!!, the machine was broken...AGAIN!! the Giant.
[So I got a bottle of "Mountain Dew**Throwback**"-Made with REAL!! Sugar!
OMG!!!!!! it kicks ass!! High fructose corn syrup sucks, those cheap corporate bastards!!!]
Quaker Minis, Crunchy Rice Cakes, (today it is the Kettle Corn flavor),
..Sweet and Salty....MMMMMMMmmmmmm!!
I should be back Monday afternoon on the way to Jenn's, (with the library opening at 1:00 pm. on Sundays, I am usually settled in somewhere already, so coming back here is an iffy thing),
{I am trying to find something neat to do with Rachel tomorrow, all depending on the weather.}
because I am meeting Paul, a longtime follower for coffee and breakfast in Owings Mills, and I plan on spending some time at the Starbucks at St Thomas Center while I am out there, if anybody I have not seen out that way wants to stop by for a visit..(Janis?, Rich?, Nathan?....????).
See you later....Dave

Friday, January 22, 2010

"An Attitude Of Gratitude............"

Good Afternoon;
It is amazing what a decent nights sleep, totaling almost 9 hours, (which for me is split by only getting up once in the middle to visit the tree!!!), and a period of complete freedom from physical pain, (although there is an edge of dangerous possibility to this phenomenon, more later), and the peace of mind of having both a 40 day, (or maybe more), supply of meds in hand, and a few unexpected discretionary dollars in my pocket, (not enough to make a permanent or long term change in my situation, but enough to allow me to pay off a few debts of honor and to splurge in a small way on the kids, and others by buying a treat or a cup of coffee. Just being able to have a couple hours on my cell opposed to a couple minutes..and taking a call from Jenn, asking me to pick up some non-grocery essentials for the grand kids at the food store....and being able to do so, is a good feeling, and adds to the sense of normalcy with which I try to surround myself to combat the reality of my situation. Of course as screwed up as my head is anyway, now the options and choices available to me, in a small way, can drive me crazy with the increased variety of 'whatever' in the next price range up, it's no longer just grabbing the package of $0.99 bologna, but being debilitated in to inertia by having to decide between Oscar Mayer and Esskay...........LOL!!!

But in all seriousness, this little bit of money, what to some of you would only be a fart in a windstorm by comparison, is to me a great windfall. Not just in monetary terms, but in terms of relief, release, and relaxation. No it will not make any major differences or changes, but the minor difference in state of mind is immeasurable, and may even allow me the certain amount of 'mental backbone' to make some sort of forward/upward motion. An added spark of ambition/inspiration/determination/motivation unlimbered and unencumbered by the overwhelming pressure of day to day survival.

All the hoopla of the interviews recently have helped also, (when I have not been fretting and obsessing about looking like a fool), with the self esteem and ego, at least on a surface level. What some have perceived as confidence and competence is sometimes only a well constructed facade of arrogance and ability to conceal questions of self worth and inferiority. At times the only difference between me and the nutjob on the next corner is that I seem to have better communication skills.
I have been much moved and humbled by reading and watching the reports of the devastation in Haiti. Especially in light of my recent of run of weekly overnight stays at my daughter Jenn's house. As bad as I have ever had it, it never got to the point where "having my whole world fall apart" was anything more than a metaphor. I have been in situations where death, injury, and violence were a possibility, but it was voluntary decisions and actions that led to them. I do not believe in 'tithing' per se, but when something like this occurs at the same instant that I receive a blessing such as I did, well I am compelled to acknowledge and show my gratitude by making a donation to those in distress. And, it is now such a simple matter to do so, that to ignore the option to contribute at the Giant when I was at the checkout, would have been criminal. As in the movie, "Real Genius", some things are a 'Moral Imperative'. Whatever you may feel about the politcal environment, illegal immigration, or the AIDS epidemic,....innocent people are hurting and dying there. Do what you feel you can...and then dig a little deeper!.......If I can, YOU can, right?.....
I'm outta here, time for coffee and breakfast??...damn it's!!
Thanks, and God Bless,............Dave

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Show Me The Money......................."

Good Evening;
Another poor nights sleep, between the insistent bladder and the increased water intake due to dry mouth and scratchy throat, it was a merry go round of up and down.
The morning though colder than expected, (or planned for, I had to rearrange the blankets around 4:00 am.), dawned brighter and clearer than the past few days. I was roused and motivated to escape from the sleeping bag by a call from Rachel telling me she was at the Giant next door. I spent a half hour with her as her mom shopped before they went to Barnes and Noble for the Wednesday kids reading circle.
Then I went to Wachovia Bank and convinced them to cash a check written on Wells Fargo Bank, (which they are owned by), for me with very, very!! little persuasion.
I was at the FedEx/Kinkos printing a copy of my book of poems for my friend and former employer at Funks Democratic Coffee Spot, formerly of Fells Point, who now lives in New Mexico, when Jenn called asking for some assistance with the grandkids, and which I will also be doing early tomorrow, so I am going there to spend the night.
I am also making plans to meet a longtime fan and follower of the blog for coffee on Monday morning...
Money, Family, was a good day!
Out of Time.......Dave

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"You Missed...Keep Shooting!!......"

Good Evening;
It's been a frustrating day
I get a check for a significant sum and can't get it cashed!!!
And Edward was driving both Jenn and I up the wall.
Then I get on this computer for exactly 2 minutes and 36 seconds because of al the people who signed up then left!
Gotta Go...Dave

"Mommy I Don't Feel So Good Today..................'

Good Morning;
So "Somebody Shoot Me!!!",
I ended up at the gas station for the second half of the Ravens game on Saturday night, it was a fitting end to a lousy day, 'nuff said on that subject, except, I'm pulling for the Jets to beat Indianapolis, and the New Orleans Saints to win the Super Bowl.
I spent Sunday and Monday at the Starbucks, since the library was closed. I stopped by to see Rachel on the way, and gave her a 4 pack of fancy cupcakes from the coffee shop. (I ended up doing a lot of walking on Monday due to the fact that it was MLK day and the buses, though supposed to be on a regular daily schedule, were all screwed up because all the drivers with any seniority took the day off and the routes were manned by 'newbies', and drivers unfamiliar with the routes they were substituting on.) I saw Jenn also after her meeting, and she gave me a ride back to Pikesville.
Sunday's rain was no help to my throat, my sinuses or my aching joints, I have had trouble sleeping the past few days, waking up after 90 minutes or 2 hours and thinking it was much, much longer. I have felt 'fuzzy', as if I had a mild hangover..(but there has been no cause for that effect??), for the past three days. I am going over to Jenn's shortly for a long hot shower, that should help some.
I ran into Sean, the boyfriend of Jillian, two of the semi-homeless, semi-clean people from my old corner at I-83 and North Ave. yesterday, and I was able to hand him $5.00 for the meds that he gave me back in October when we ran into each other at the train station as I was getting out of the detention center in Towson, and could not reach Monkee. This was the first time I had seen him since, and had any cash on me, it was a pleasant surprise for us both. For me to return a favor, and him because he was broke. He told me that one of the two junkie duos that had taken over the corner got locked up the other day for assault, and, (for attacking Jillian and trying to force her off the corner), disorderly conduct, (for spitting on a cop), and aggressive panhandling, et. al. They were the ones who always called the cops anonymously and told them that whoever was on the corner when they wanted to be there was either selling drugs or turning tricks. As much as I miss the money, (and to be honest the social interaction with a whole variety of people), I am glad I am not involved in this 'mishegas'!
I am out of time and my eyes are tired, and out of focus, more later tonight, or if not..tomorrow................Dave

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!"

Good Afternoon;

I feel like crap today, exhausted from 2 poor nights sleep and a scratchy throat, which I hope is only a symptom of the very dry and dusty, forced hot air heat at Jenn's apt., and NOT the sore throat..(possibly strep!)..that my grandson Ed woke up crying with this morning.
To use a very descriptive quote, (which I cannot remember where I read it at), "I Feel Like Two Bags Of Dead Mice!". Whatever point of reference you want to know exactly how I feel!!

I spent Thursday night and Friday there as planned so they had a sitter for the kids and could get to the funeral and related activities. Jenn and I watched, the first time for her and about the 20th for me..

"When Do We Eat!!" (Written by Salvador Litvak and Nina Davidovich, Directed by Salvador Litvak, 2006)

(Who also happens to read the blog on occasion, and has exchanged e-mails with me and sent me a gift last year, after I mentioned the movie.)

Having grown up in both a dysfunctional Jewish and Catholic household, Jenn really appreciated the movie, and we laughed our heads off, (and teared up a bit at the end to.....shhhh, don't tell, we're both a couple of

As I was finished packing up and had actually left and started walking up the sidewalk, she came out and said I could stay the night, if I would watch the kids in the morning, because she had to drop Tom off at work in Dundalk at some ungodly hour near dawn, and really did not want to drag the kids out of bed so early. I said yes, even though I had been looking forward to some sleep, stretched out flat instead of on the recliner, which seems to inhibit both sleep and circulation. It was not that cold out so I really did not mind being in the shed..(and tentative plans were that I was coming back to watch the football game tonight anyway by myself..{since I was inundated with invitations, and could not decide which of you to grace with my presence....NOT!!!....LOL!}..and the kids would be at their grandmother's..[my first wife, Jenn's mom]..and Tom and Jenn were going over her friend's
house to watch the game. But who knows WTF is happening now, because Tom had a migraine and did not work, and Edward is sick and not spending the night at 'Gramma Ernie's'. {so I'm free to accept from anyone who asks!}. Rachel was supposed to come over and play yesterday too, but with Ed's cough, we canceled that to. What a typical "clusterf*ck"!
It gets a bit tense over there at the best of times when everyone is home, when half the family is sick and the dog has an ear infection AND a skin ailment that has her stinking to high heaven and scratching ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!! is not that strange that the shed and solitude and independence look pretty damn attractive.
I was discussing that very topic with the guys from Baltimore Magazine, and the JT, trying to explain my choices as regards freedom vs. control as related to shelters, agencies and organizations, living with people who I would not choose to associate with when I was shooting dope-so why would I want to be there clean; and making myself as comfortable as possible with the resources available when the difference would be negligible towards getting a place to live.
I've heard people say, "You're homeless, why are you taking your daughter to a movie?"...My reply was, "When you can show me an apartment that I can rent for the $11.00 I just spent for a matinee....we'll talk...".
Anyway..Thursday was a blast, after we left here for the second time we went to the Starbucks at Mt. Washington for a couple hours, [doing what I do best...tlking about myself....LOL!], and some more photos. (I asked Dave the photographer if he could 'PhotoShop' off 15 or 20 pounds for the chosen!) I told Evan that even though I was eating all this up and it was feeding my ego bigtime, my story did not seem all that fascinting or unusual to me.
I was watching a lot of the coverage from Haiti, in the wake of the earthquake in the past few days, it really puts a lot of things in perspective. No matter how bad it may seem that my situation is...they are going through some seriously "BAD SH*T"! I dropped a $5.00 in a collection box at a church on the way here..FYI!! careful..some real scum are trying to use this as stup for a scam!!!
Time is up...See you on Tuesday...(Monday is MLK day)......Dave

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Don't Forget To Only Shoot My Good Side............."

Good Afternoon;
So I am again being photographed at the I met with Evan and we "toured the shed", and he bought me breakfast at the Daywatch Cafe...WOW I got to eat with a! I guess all this fame has it's benefits. I feel a bit silly, but what the hell, go with what you got.
There is some sort of mental block that occurs whenever the camera is pointed at me or a recorder is turned on. I keep losing track of what I want to say, or forgetting completely. I'll remember as soon as I sign off
Be back later....Dave

"Let's Do the Time Warp Again.............."

Good Morning;
So I've shaved and changed into totally clean and fresh clothing, except for the jeans which are still clean enough...(and besides, they are the only pair of pants I have left except for sweats, that are not falling! it's a moot point.). Changing in the shed is an adventure in itself, and putting on jockey shorts that are so cold they crackle when you unfold them is an eyeopener also. Stripped down Butterball naked and taking a quick 'aerosol deodorant bath' makes one appreciate indoor plumbing a whole lot I went into the Giant to wash and shave, but I leave my bag up near the desk so I don't attract unwanted security attention, so thats why I don't change there, if anyone was wondering.
I think that I have found a mysterious 'time-space weather anomaly', right here in Pikesville! You know how when you call the weather forecast on the phone..(410-936-1212)..and it always 10 to 15 degrees colder at the airport? Well somehow the INSIDE of the shed is located at the airport!! I could see my breath in huge clouds inside, but outside it felt (comparably) like summer!...OOOHHH SPOOOOOKY!!!!
In the Baltimore Sun on January 11th, on the Opinions Page, a reader responded to Ed Norris' comments to the incoming Mayor, regarding his ideas that panhandling should be prosecuted aggressively. The comments online are also very interesting. Some peoples priorities and agendas are very revealing of the intolerance and prejudices hidden in 'PC' language and statements.
Evan, from Baltimore Mag. just called, he is right outside, so I guess I'll be back later.
I've been going round and round in circles in my head about these interviews, and what they may or may not bring, and the whole am I worthy, or funny, or interesting enough vicious cycle again.
I kind of feel as if I am obligated to entertain everyone, but don't know what they expect. And today is one of those nice boring safe days where i have enough meds, money, food, and clean clothes, and the weather is fairly nice.
Okay, gotta go...see you later...Dave
Remember....Saturday night at 8:15....GO RAVENS!!!!
(And my schedule is still

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"It Must Be A Case Of..'CRS'....[That's..'Can't Remember Sh*t'..]...AKA....'Anile Dementia'..........."

Oh Yeah; I almost forgot:
Go Ravens!!
Now I have to find a place to watch the game and spend the night on Saturday!
(Not that I'm soliciting or anything...wink..wink...BUT??... {I'll even bring my own beer!!})
Somedays are more Homeless-like than others, I was walking back from Barnes and Noble..I missed the bus because I got sucked into Steve's book..and on the side of the road was a huge plastic bag full of flat bakery boxes. It must have fallen of a caterer's or bakery truck, because some of the boxes were half full of bags of rolls. Yep, I sure did. But only a dozen and a!
I still have sandwiches from Starbucks from last week that the cold has kept fresh, or frozen anyway. And it is a good thing too, I guess my bitching and righteous indignation has paid off, there are now 2 pick-ups of left overs, on Mondays and Thursdays by a couple different groups for distribution to the needy, (I'm not sure exactly who or where).
There is construction going on in the shopping center where my Dunkin Donuts is, and the debris has been punturing and contaminating the donuts. The Popeyes must have also figured out how to cook partial batches at night, because there has not been any chicken in the dumpster in months. so far this has nor affected me much, we'll see at the end of the month, when cash is gone and FoodStamps are depleted. Not that I am missing any meals..(or that I can't afford to...LOL!).
I found my FedEx/Kinkos card and it had a positive balance left, so I printed 2 more copies of my book of poetry this morning, one for the Baltimore Mag. folks, the other is up for grabs if any one is interested..(it's signed!!
I got a letter from a collection agency about an old debt..circa 1987?..from a repossessed car for $8000.00 or so,...(and I know the car was sold at auction and fetched a decent price, so something ain't kosher),...demanding payment in 30 days or less, yeah sure..anybody got a pen that writes on rubber?......HA!
Again, my mind is amess today, I was cold last night for some strange reason, it was actually warmer in the shed when I lay down at Midnight, than outside, and it was still warmer outside than the past few nights...I'm confused.
Time is up..for the last time..and I know there is something else I wanted to say, oh well, WTF!.....See Ya......Dave

"All This And a Diving Horse Too...................."

Good Afternoon;

I apologize in advance if I jump around in this post, I'm having trouble organizing my thoughts and keeping things in any type of chronological order today.

I forgot to mention that Jenn shaved my head for me with the clippers on Monday, I have a buzz-cut that looks like a Marine about 3 weeks into boot Ed and Devin watched and she was fascinated and thought it was hilarious to see me get scalped.

I am baby sitting on Thursday night and Friday morning again, sadly to say they have another viewing and funeral to go to. I get another night inside and a shower and my laundry done though.
Allan and I tried to go to the free movie preview on Monday night, but after waiting in line we were told that the theatre had been filled since 6:30 pm. for a 7:30 pm. show..DUH!! why wait until 7:30 to tell the 50 or so people still standing there????..DUH!!

I am meeting with Evan Serpick the Ex. Editor of Baltimore Magazine on Thursday morning, and the photographer later in the day. This sudden, or at least coincidentally close interest by 2 different publications has me kind of "confuckted", anxious and nervous and excited and apprehensive all at the same time, and a little scared of looking like a fool or being ridiculed know, confused and conflicted and screwed up in the head...."confuckted"!
(gotta give JodiBear thanks, credit, & her 'props' for that
It's a bit bizarre that this particular '15 minutes of fame'...(and there have been others, in other publications, and even a couple times on TV, for various reasons)... revolves around my chronicling of this f*cked up failure I call a life, and my feeble attempts to achieve...if not exactly happiness...but comfort and contentment within the narrow confines of my meager resources, and to take as much pleasure as I can from the 'little things' available to me, and to express my appreciation and gratitude for those moments and items, and also the folks who take the time and effort to show and share their care and concern and compassion for me.
It is strange that if it was not for the fact that my life IS so effed up, I would not have met most of those who help me to maintain a certain level of normalcy, and contact with the life, and the people who, I would choose to live and to associate with.
Imagine, if you will, some sort of twisted, societal Mobius strip, and you will have an idea of my world...kind of M.C.Escher meets Salvador Dali, and they're both doing some really fresh 'shrooms!.....LOL!
I saw Rachel today at Barnes and Noble..(despite how most people say it...there is no second 'S' her mother had taken her for the 10:00 'just for kids' reading, after they had been in the Giant, 5 minutes before I got there....(and knowing that I am "RIGHT THERE!!!" she, the 'ex', never bothered to call so I could meet Rachel for a minute, and they have been doing this for a few weeks, every Wednesday.....let it go Dave, breathe.......)....okay... Well, I jumped on the bus, which was thankfully running late...(for a and met her and we sat in the Starbucks inside for a while. I had a handmade Irish Rag Doll, with hand knitted and woven clothing that Allan had given me for her, and some assorted holiday 'garbage', candy and toys and such that I always get for her at the Giant for around a 75% to 95% clearance discount after every holiday. (I ate the milk chocolate Santa...[$4.99 reduced to $0.25!!!]...myself
We had a great time, this child is such a blessing, she is so good and kind and loving. Even Carol, one of the cashiers at the Giant is enthralled with her, and knitted her a scarf, 'just because'.
I am getting tired of sitting here, so I am heading out to the Starbucks.
P.S. while I was in the bookstore I saw copy of the new book a high school friend, Steve Leibowitz, has just written and published,
'Steel Pier, Atlantic City: Showcase Of The Nation'
check out the link above.
(If you are reading this Heidi and Terry, he went to Milford with us.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Stop The Presses!!!......"

Good Afternoon;

Go Ravens!!!!
What a great game to watch. I was over Jenn's and they were ALL heading out to a birthday party for Jenn's best friend's 4 year old daughter, so I got to sit and yell at the TV (and scare the hell out of the poor all by myself, (except for Annamarie via text, in a warm house with a bag of chips and a cold adult beverage! It's been about 3 years or so since I have been able to enjoy this simple act of "HVTV"...(that's High VOLUME, not High, in a relaxed and non-isolated solitude. Man's best friend is not a dog...(unless it is Nipper, of RCA fame)'s his remote!

To DAVE C. ......e-mail is , I check it ALMOST!! every morning/early afternooon, or I just e-mailed Evan S. with my phone #, if you guys decide you want ot go ahead with this.

I want to say thank you to all the folks, patrons who I have met and talked to and employees, at the Starbucks at Mt. Washington who have come up to me and shown their concern and compassion in reference to all the recent bitter cold weather and as to whether I was safe and warm. It was both gratifying and surprising that so many very casual aquaintances actually came by and sought me out to inquire. I deeply appreciate them and want everyone to know that just knowing that someone gives a damn has an enormously positive effect on both my emotional and mental ability to not just survive and persevere,..hell I'm a professional survivor,..but to actually believe that this really IS only a temporary aberration, and that things CAN change, and that they eventually will, and more importantly, that I CAN overcome the results of my own sometimes stubborn, sometimes rational but misguided, actions, decisions, indecisions and procrastintaions.

I've got to again thank Jenn and Tom for inviting me back into their and my grandchildrens lives, (and the suddeness of this has caused it's own unique set of problems...more on that later..), their annoumcement that whatever I have been doing had made a visible and measurable change in my behavior and attitude, for the better, is both an endorsement of the power of journaling/ THIS BLOG!, and, to me AND all the naysayers who in their closed and indoctrinated minds have denied the beneficial results of my "Self Medicating"..(even though it is totally within the directions and guidelines of the medication and the procedures of physicians and programs which administer it).. with Buprenorphine a vindication of my efforts to combat addiction, chronic pain and previously untreatable depression. If doing the right thing, the wrong way, for the right reason, keps me alive and somewhat sane.....well, "it works for me"!

The Jewish Times, and now, Baltimore Magazine, (and previously the Baltimore Sun..nothing came of it), have contacted me as a direct result of this blog, and this is a great boost to my ego and self esteem. As to the "What's In It For Me" factor, my ulterior motives,....well first of all, I want to make it very clear that I am not being paid for any of this, although if I can somehow parlay the attention into a way of making a buck, legally and ethically, damn right I'm gonna grab it!
My primary thought is that someone or some group may be intrigued enough to contact me and offer some sort of assistance in getting a place to live and some sort of immediate income to live on, and in the bigger picture, some sort of employment, schooling and or training to become self supporting and some sort of case worker/guide to get the help I need with my medical and mental issues, because it obvious that unless I am quite literally dying, I'll put it off, again and again and again.
I am torn between hubris and humility in this situation, flattered that these folks think I'm interesting to write about, and thinking that my life is really kinda boring, when it gets right down to it, (..and then there is the old "I'm not worthy" , inferiority , and fear of looking like a fool/ridicule bugaboo mixed in there also..). We'll see I guess.
I'm out of time....see you later...Dave

Friday, January 8, 2010

"Like....Fer Sher!!!!..........."

Good Morning;

So I am in the Giant waiting in line at the checkout behind a typical and stereotypical 'Greenspring Valley'-girl/JAP complaining to her girlfriend?, or her sister?,..on her cell phone, while ignoring the cashier of course.., about the cold and bragging about her husband, (and insulting him), her house and it's furnishings in the same breath.

"It was so cold in the house this morning, it must have been, like, 74 degrees, y'know! Jacob must have forgotten to turn the thermostat up for me when he left for shul this morning. He's on the board, y'know and with this cold weather he has so much on his mind, 'cause he's in charge of all the facilities maintainance and the utilities, it's a huge responsibility for such a young man. Well, y'know we have that tropical hardwod parquet floor in the bedroom, and I thought I would freeze my toes off before I got onto the antique Isfahan Persian rug, y'know the one we like, smuggled, hee..hee, into the country by saying it was a replica,(it's a good thing that the Customs Inspector in Israel was so busy staring at my new tits, be sure you leave as many buttons open on your blouse as possible when you come home on your next trip). Well it is a good thing I had Jacob spend the extra money to put that heating system under the Italian marble floor we had installed in the new bathroom, yeah, the one we saw on that show on cable about the mansions in The Hamptons, with the matching sinks and countertops. I pretty much told him that if he didn't put it in for me, I'd show him what cold REALLY was!!! Ha..Ha! Girl, he may be good, but my toys are better...(insane cackling). Okay like,I'll see you at the gym...of course I'm going, with the auto-start on the Mercedes, the car is always warmed up. Ha Ha Ha! Yes!! He could keep me warm too, No!!! Really!!! I did not know you had that! kind of a personal 'trainer'...You slut...ha ha I can talk...ha ha ha ha ha. Mom was, sexually retarded, and easily manipulated Orthodox long as they are not too rigid...are the best blow job and you've got them...and a diamond bracelet..(manaical laughing echoes from the phone). Love You...Bye"

Oy Vey!! This is a near verbatim quote, if anything I have omitted or toned down rather than embellish!
I wanted to (figuratively!!!...LOL!) slap her upside her Botoxed, collagenized, overly made up, too perfectly coifed head and (again figuratively!!..LOL!), give her a swift kick in her nipped, tucked, liposuctioned, and siliconized ass...and tell her cold..Cold..COLD.. you wanna see cold spend the night with me, When going to take a pee involves a drop in temperature of about 50+ degrees on your skin as you crawl out of the sleeping bag, and the nipples on those store bought tits of yours would be so hard you could use them to chip the ice off the atrophied frozen tumor you call your heart, where your fingers will go as numb as your brain as you work the leather on your boots so it is flexible enough to be able to put them on your feet! I'll show you such cold that you'll be begging for the chance to sleep with my poverty stricken, out of shape, old, broken down ass, willing to be 'willing'(LOL!!), just for the chance to be warm!!!!!.....

BUT..... I held my least 'til I got here....LOL!
I went to Tom's Anniversary last night in Hampden...HON!...he shared the spotlight with Larry who was celebrating 15 years. I had forgotten that Tom's sponsor is an old NA friend of mine named Timmy, who greeted me as a long lost brother. He told me he had just been talking about me earlier, in reference to a night 10 (ten) years ago when we had been the only 2 people to brave a snow storm to make it to St. Thomas Aquinas church in Hampden for a NA meeting one winter night. As we stood waiting to see if anyone else would show up..particularly the person with the keys..we got to talking and ended up standing in the arch of the door way for over 2 and 1/2 hours just sharing.."experience, strength, and hope", and it just goes to prove that all it takes for a meeting is 2 addicts wanting and willing to get and stay clean. It was a pretty magical experience for us both and one that has imprinted itself in our memories and created a special, unique bond that only we share. And he has been my son-in-laws sponsor for the past six (6) years...small world. The grandkids, Jenn, their priest and Tom's mom were all there too, and the kids were as good as could be expected for their age..all but the fact that Edward really needs to "put a little bass in it" as they say...when he gets excited, and his voice raises to a shrill shriek...dogs cower and bats fly out of control into walls, the U.S Navy Sonar systems all go on Red Alert....LOL!!!
I just chatted with Michelle..(Mme.)..from Mica, and we are planning a get together for Rachel and her daughter Remy next week.
I am about to head out to Starbucks in Mt. Washington now for coffee and breakfast..(it's 1:55 tonight I am invited..(wink Jenn and Tom's, since I have to be there early anyway, and getting out of the warm sleeping bag is cause for procrastination...BIG TIME!!, and they really do have a schedule to keep tomorrow. Of course the weather report has changed a bit, from 'teens' tonight to 'upper 20's', and Sunday night, (and Monday and Tuesday), are now forecast in the low 'teens'. Hmmm...MAYBE Sunday there night too, if I am asked, I won't refuse, but If it is that cold Monday and Tuesday it is either get another heavy blanket..(or wear 3 layers of clothing)..for the shed, or swing somewhere else. I am not sure which of us would start it, or alainst whom, but there would be bloodshed at the apt. after any longer than 3 nights...LOL!!...(maybe!).
I most likely will not leave the house tomorrow...(oh yeah, btw, Rachel is coming to play with Ed and Devin)..and if it as cold as expected, maybe not Sunday either, so I may not be back here 'til Monday. I'm going to try to watch the playoff game alone at Jenn's, I think they are going to their priest's for lunch/dinner...GO RAVENS!!! ...
Have a warm safe weekend.
Take time to appreciate that warmth, and Please take the time to help a Homeless Veteran at :
As F*cked up as my life may seem at times, it really is a piece of cake to what some of these men...and women!.. are forced to deal with.
Our Country...Our Heroes...Our Responsibility

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"When HOMELESSCIDE is akin to Genocide"

Good Afternoon;
No funny quips or wordplay in this post, just some things to consider and reflect upon in this a New Year and a New Decade. Please go to:
and click on the 'EverChanging Page', and read the last 4 posts..
(as of this date last post is titled : "Much Ado About Automobiles--Some Necessary Clarity"....Dec. 30th 2009"
This is the bigger picture.....Dave

"Curb Appeal???..............Gutter Appeal, Maybe!!!.............."

Good Morning;
Before I forget here is a link to a really cool video performance on YouTube that I thought I had posted last year:

It is a truly amazing and beautiful, and poignant and moving act of art in creation.
And the young woman who is the artist is heartbreakingly lovely.
(and for those who did not know this, all you should have to do is place your cursor on the address and click the mouse, and you will be taken to the site)...
{don't even would take too
So, after shooting me sitting at the computer and (mistyping every other word,, Justin and I went to 'The Shed' for some interior shots, y'know me on my sleeping bag, propped up on one elbow with a 'come hither' look in my eyes..(Oh No...wait!!!...that was the "other" photo shoot, the one where I wore the mask.....LOL!!). But we did do some shots of me in the shed sitting and stretched out on the sleeping bag and blankets, laying out and/or rolling and folding and bagging everything as I do each morning and night,(freezing my fingers to the bone in the process). and he took some shots of the interior itself, and I think an 'arty' shot of the light coming in the doorway.


IF-!?! and When any pictures of the shed do get published....and some observant reader sees and comments on the light fixtures and electrical outlets....

First; THERE IS NO!!! POWER!, and for the slow or hard of hearing...


(If there were, I would not be bitching about the cold, OR even be telling anyone about the the shed or hinting at it's location!!!)

Second: Because of the steady and increasing deterioration of the roof and walls, THERE WILL BE NO POWER!!!.....(Water Cooled Electrics are just NOT Kosher!!!...LOL!)

Third: The shed is the place where I go to sleep, out of the worst of the weather, with a reasonable sense of security..(I can bar the door to halt the curious, and deter the determined long enough prepare myself..IF God forbid ..'sh*t happens'), and the place I leave the things too bulky to carry, that if they are stolen, I can survive without in a pinch, NOT a place I spend any other time in.

We then went to the Starbucks in Mt. Washington, which, if the library is my 'Den', is my 'Living and Dining Room', and 'Kitchen'...(with this lovely cold weather...and by the way have I mentioned in passing that..COLD WEATHER SUCKS???....the shed functions quite well as a refrigerator, hell it's a damn!)...for some shots outside on the rear patio in 'MY' seat, and some shots at one of 'MY' inside seats..tucked all the way in the corner. We then jumped back in his car and I called Rachel..(and her mother)..and had her get dressed for some shots of her and I sitting outside on her steps...(Justin just sent me two cute this space after the article is published and I am free to post them). I would have called Jenn, but a 5 and 3/4 year old can be dressed in 15 minutes...don't think the time frame woulda worked for a 27 year old woman with hair to the middle of her back..and 2 rambunctious kids....ladies you know what I am talking about...LOL. He dropped me back off at the coffee shop just as Neil, (who is my friend and the editor at the JT...[but NOT who is writing the article..ethics y'know, too close to the story or what have you], was walking in, so we had a nice talk for the first time in weeks. Turns out he is on furlough the first week of the year, (things are tough at the JT too it seems), and doing all the DIY chores that build up around the house.

I am running out of time here, I have to get to Jenn's and shower and wash clothes before Tom gets home and needs the facilities. Today is his Homegroup, and he is speaking and celebrating 7 (SEVEN) Years!!!...Way to go Tom!!!...and we are all going to be there, I am meeting them there and will catch a ride back to the shed with them.

The temps are supposed to be in the teens and low twenties.(15-24 degrees....bbrrrr!!!) this week end....if I'm going to be babysitting for them Saturday afternoon and Saturday night......hhmmmm...2 tasks ought to be worth 2 fees, right?..(that's your say...RIGHT!!!...LOL).... I'll endeavor to get Jenn to think 'she' thought it up....LOL!
Anyway, I'm outta here, I'm bringing lunch for Jenn too, so maybe that'll soften her
I'll be at the Starbucks later..until about 7:00 pm.........seeya..........Dave

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The Cover Of The Rolling Stone!!!!......."

Good Morning;
I am here at the Pikesville library in the middle of my photo shoot...(I'm ready for my close-up Mr, DeMille!....LOL).
Talk about pressure, trying to write while being
It is for an article in the Jewish this space for more info.
I also found a link to my blog on the new "Pikesville" Facebook page..I guess I ought to 'friend' them, ya think?
I made another copy of my book this morning for the folks at the JT to too can own one ..act now before the rush!!!
We are going to Starbucks and to shoot the inside of the shed..(I wish to remain anonymous there, so no exteriors....ha!), and maybe some street shots too. Imay be back this evening, if not, I'll see you tomorrow.
P.S.'s still too damn cold!!!!!
I almost forgot, in yesterdays Sunpaper, on the article about the cold weather, there is a photo of a man sitting outside at Baltimore St. and Central Ave. in downtown Baltimore. He is the first in line, waiting to get into the Baltimore Rescue Mission, which opens it doors around dark, which means he may be sittting there for HOURS. And you ask why I don't want to go to the Missions or Shelters?
City Shelter...24/7...350 beds
Overflow...7pm-7am...80 beds
BOTH turning people away.
And if you are one of those who did not get wasted hours waiting that could have been inside somewhere warm!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Cold Weather, Cold Feet, Cold Cuts, Cold Shoulders,.................On The Cold Streets"

Good Morning;
Well I don't know if it was the proper coordination and layering of socks, smoothing the blanket beneath me better so that there was no wrinkle pressing on a nerve, the fact that the wind had dropped to a mere gale from the 45 mph. gusts of the night before reducing the area around my feet from a NASA wind tunnel to simple flow through ventilation, or a combination of all of the above, but my feet did not get cold until it was time to get out of the bag in the morning, (after stalling for an Even having to get up twice during the night, once at 1:30 am., (and did you know it snowed last night? couldn't tell by morning all blew, to go all the way over to the gas station to 'make a deposit in the bank of Back River' did not get 'cold feet'. (In the literal sense...figuratively, I live with them all the time, in the sense of anxiety and the at times debilitating inertia that comes with it.)
I went to Starbucks after leaving here yesterday and halfway there Neil called saying that there were no seats, I told him to just wait around a few minutes and one would open up, but he was not there when I got there 15 minutes later..and found and open he must have went to another Starbucks..oh well another day we'll meet. Jenn came by after her meeting and gave me a ride back to Pikesville and asked me to sit with the kids on Saturday while they go to a funeral, and would I mind staying over that evening and watching them also while they went to a friend's anniversary...since the weather forecast is for much colder than normal, even bitterly colder at times temperatures for the next 8 to 14 took about a nano-seconds consideration before I said yes! Now that I ponder the matter, maybe I should claim 2 nights, Friday and Saturday, one for each babysitting job...Hmmmm, now how do manipulate an invitation, AND..make it seem like it's THEIR idea....LOL. (Hey once an addict..always an addict, but the years of 'training' in "human dynamics" can now be put to positive use....LOL).
I took some advice from D'vora and called and talked to the Census people about a job, I was discreetly but strongly discouraged from bothering to apply because I do not have a car..(or a license, but that could be worked 'around' The other alternative, (besides canvasser/census taker) would be in the data center in Essex, about a 2 hour bus, (plural!), ride, each way, not counting waiting time, and there seems to be nothing I am qualified for there at this time, as the facility will not go fully operational for a while. It was a shot.
I am out of here now, time for breakfast/lunch...(more Giant, and coffee......
...........see you later.......Dave
P.S. ....I talked to a friend in Florida last night, there is 14% unemployment in some places there now, even IN season. That shoots down one idea I had, it used to be possible to find work in season at the drop of a hat...not right now though. Warm maybe, but from what I understand, Social Services in sunny Fla. is even more screwed up than here in Md.

Monday, January 4, 2010

"2010 Tiny Tidbits................'

Good Morning;
First... an apology and a correction, Phil Jacobs of the Baltimore Jewish Times, is the Executive Editor, not the Publisher....(sorry 'bout dat Phil).

Second... based on the anecdotal evidence of the pain in my right foot, and the numbness in my left one; and the fact that unless there was actual body contact with the fabric, the nylon on the INSIDE of my sealed to the outside air sleeping bag was cold to the touch; and the glaze of ice over my eyeballs that turned my vitreous humor into Jello....Global Warming,(at least in my neck of the woods), is a HOAX....(LOL).

Third... I left Jenn's yesteday afternoon, having spent Saturday night also with her and cooked her dinner...(which was seasoned and quickly seared, then baked in a lemon garlic vinaigrette/marinade, butterflied center-cut porkchops (and they were on sale...and then further reduced by $4.00 at the Giant! Creative cooking and frugality can result in a gourmet meal!....LOL), with a peach mango applesauce, and a small salad). And I had a craving for my Reduced Fat Pringles,(NOT!...I Repeat...NOT! the Fat-Free ones...they contain the 'fake fat' that, and I quote..."may cause 'anal leakage'..."....Shudder!!!!, who would even eat such a...and I use the term lightly..'food'..!!!), and Jenn had a bag of Herr's Cheddar Horseradish Kettle Coooked Potatoe Chips, so we took the lazy route for the starch...LOL.
She dropped me at the Starbucks on her way out and I met Allan at closing and we drove around for an hour or so, just catching up, and he dropped me at the gas station around 9:15 pm. I killed an hour there and the Lotto gods were smiling down on me, (as they have been all year..ha!), and I killed an hour and left with a couple more dollars than I started with, all from an initial $2.00 bet on Saturday. Hmm...maybe for shits and giggles, I'll chart my complete play history for 2010 and see what the win/loss record, or at least the $$ figure, whether + or -, is ??? Hell, people do their PhD. dissertations on

I just saw Neil here, and we are meeting at the coffee shop later. And while I was talking to him I got an e-mail from the photographer at the Jewish Times, wanting to set up a Me..soon to be a

Fourth....Yesteday, Sunday 01/03/2010 edition of The New York Times, front page, an article on people living, surviving actually on Food Stamps alone, NO CASH. Been there, done that! This has occurred both when I have been on the street and when Rachel's mother and I were still together and between jobs. I am of 2 minds about people who are getting Food Stamps and crying about not having enough to eat. We fed 2 adults and 5 kids on 'stamps', WIC, and about $25.00 in donated food from Ahavas Yisroeal, and ATE WELL! (And oft times had a few dollars left at the end of the month). This was achieved by a combination of seriously taking advantage of sales, coupons, and bulk buying; and doing as much shopping at places such as Sav-A-Lot or Sam's Club or BJ's as possible, to offset the purchases that had to be made at the Kosher Markets, (We were strictly kosher for a long time); AND creative cooking and freezing in larger amounts, and use of leftovers and those unused, uncooked, 'remains' from a recipe, innovatively recombined to make a completely new dish....the rule I taught my kids, and hers is.."You Don't Have To Like It..BUT You DO Have To Try It", and if they honestly did not like it, but honestly gave it a taste, they were not forced to eat it, which Rachel will tell you with no hesitation, AND the favorite dish in our house was...Fanfare Please...."SHUT UP AND EAT IT"....(usually the same ingredients combined in a different, and if you have kids, you know that if you can get them to taste it before they know what it is....8 times out of 10, they like it!
So I know it can be done. I also know that the Food Stamps will NOT pay for such essentials as toilet paper, soap, detergent, etc. If you sell some of your stamps to get the cash to buy these and other needed non-food items, or even do a trade off at the register with another shopper who is paying cash/credit/debit, you are breaking Federal and State law and if caught can/will be prosecuted and removed and banned from the Food Stamp program. Even if it is only a friend helping a friend, and no one is making a profit and it is a straight dollar for dollar....(and on the streets, stamps go for $0.50 cents on the dollar, for cash or drugs). Of course it is still done, both ways, only somewhat more discreetly.
The article illuminates how broad the issue has become, and how varied are the recipients, from former homeowners to the homeless.
Fifth.....I just got a real kick out of seeing the Archives listing of the blog (left hand side), particularly the 2008, 2009, 2010 headings..but that's just the ole
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