Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Apartment Follies...... Round Three; ........ And..... Ouch, Ouch, Ouch....."

Good Afternoon;
Well it's a 'helluva day in the neighborhood', to butcher Mr. Roger's greeting.
I feel like two bags of dead mice again, it's one of those 'perfect storm' situations when ALL my meds are out at the same time, and I can't renew until AFTER seeing the doctors again.... and the earliest appointments were a week after the meds ran out, plus I'm out of bupes and my supplier for them is in the hospital.
I see the docs on the 5th of August, if my BP doesn't explode my heart before then.

Free Advice : Don't Become; Old, Crippled And Crazy!

But tomorrow is 'check day' and I hope to find a temporary source when I head in town in the morning.
I am here at Jenn's and I have to meet with the caseworker from HABC about 2:00 pm. to get my voucher extension approved. If I can work p
ut the time factor I am going to meet the owner or agent of an apartment in Hampden that I hope to get into. They are about to begin to put in a new kitchen this week and hopefully the HABC inspection process will be able to be done as soon as that is finished, and NO OTHER fixes are needed. I am hoping for  September 1st move in date, to take advantage of another month's S.S.I. payment to put together down payments for rent and utility.

More as it develops.....


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Again.... The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Turns Out To Be The Headlight Of An Oncoming, Out Of Control, Locomotive......"

Good Evening;

Well..... somehow I kind of expected this kind of shit to happen.
Just when I thought that the last of the idiocy was over, that I might actually be moving into an apt. with in a few weeks.... I get kicked in the balls by fate again. The woman in the leasing office I had an appointment with this morning, at the building I thought I was nearly cleared to enter picks up my application and the first thing she says is,

 "Oh, Dave.... you're only 57!"

.... Well yeah, with a disability determination, a voucher, and S.S.I., like the requirements state....

"Oh.. I must have missed that, we only have openings for the OVER 62 apts."

Suck my nuts!!!

Well at least I have to give her credit for trying to help after this major letdown.
The building, (and the next two mentioned also), are Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Senior and Disability Living facilities, the first one, was called Manhattan Park.
The leasing agent there called the Weinberg Place bldg. and told me to call the leasing agent there after 3:00 pm, (this was at Noon), so all afternoon my ulcer was getting a lovely workout as I tried not to build any hopes that would be shattered..... which they were because  it turns out that my voucher cannot be used in that bldg. because it is classed as "Public Housing"... which is a level below what I am eligible for!
Because these are all H.U.D.  buildings the allocation and category process for which units can go to who or which agency or what type of payment method is a bureaucratic nightmare written in stone.... No Exceptions... logical or not.

This leasing agent gave me the number of yet another building in there circle, Weinberg Manor East, (which happen to be right next door to the last place I lived with Rachel and the 'ex', before and after shit all blew up, and even after she moved out and I was squatting in the garage or the basement.... oh the crazy circles of ['cause I gotta laugh to keep from crying right now..... or slitting my wrists and calling it quits].....), and which I was not able to talk to a human but left what is probably a crazed, semi-coherent, frantic sounding voice mail, and a rather more rational e-mail immediately afterwards.... and which I have not yet received a response.... I'm hoping that it is because it was close to or after business hours.... (PLEASE!!! Be that

So.... anyway I'm about as happy as one can expect right now, and barely hanging on to what little faith or sanity I have left.

Oh, and topping it all off, I'm sleeping out on the street somewhere tonight..... and the weather is actually supposed to be fairly cool tonight....
which is again to be expected, because I only have tee shirts and shorts with me..... and no more money until the 1st of August.

Thanks for letting me bitch and moan....... lol!

Later............... Dave

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Too Damn Hot To Think Of A Cute Title........................."

Good Morning;

So..... Hot enough for you? -- It's not the heat it's the humidity! -- Dewpoint/Heat Index/Real Feel Temperature/Heat Dome/Code Red Alert/Heat Wave!

All just synonyms for:
"Extremely Hot Weather Sucks!"

I've been here at Jenn's since Saturday afternoon, July 6th, when she asked me to come back up and watch the dogs and cats for a few days while she and the kifds went camping with a friend of hers and her kids, at Cunningham Falls, near Thurmont, Md.  You may be wondering why I said yes after my reports of the rising tensions and stresses that hot their bursting point bat the end of June, forcing my decision to leave here the previous weekend, with no intention of returning any time soon...
Well, the major external stressor, her husband Tom, the perfect poster child for an "Anger Management Outreach Drive" is gone. She enforced the already extant restraining order after letting her determination slip and her guard drop as he gradually worked his way back into the house bit by bit and room by room as all the old habits reasserted themselves and the "reforms and rehabilitations" vanished into thin air like the illusions they were and the verbal and psychological abuse and manipulations began to resurface. On his birthday, July 3rd, things again crossed the line, luckily I was not there and my daughter was strong enough to handle it... again, this time... So far I've tried to refrain from any active involvement, but.... DV is DV.
Any Inferrred Implied Insinuated Extrapolations Are An Intellectual Exercise, Loyal Reader.
(wink wink, nod, nod)

So Jenn and I had a talk about money, --I have none; Food Stamps, --what I have will be contributed; and other contributions,-- cooking, feeding the kids, watching the kids so she can get re-integrated with her support network, cleaning, etc.
We are both calmer and saner, with the ability to discuss issues or problems, or grating on the nerves behaviors again active and not suppressed under the overlying rage that was coloring our relationship.

As I am writing this I just received a phone call from Sean at HCH telling me my Photo ID from the Md. MVA finally showed up in the mail there. I was at the MVA on the 3rd of July and told it would take 4 to 7 days.... my world 19(th) minus 3(rd) equals 16!
... now I can finally get to the Apartment bldg. with my paperwork and IDs on Monday to start their processing. I still have to get that paperwok back to HABC for their processing afterwards.
I found out yesterday that even though my HCVP Voucher has an expiration date of 08/06/2013 on the paper I am olding in my hand,.... it actually expires on 07/24/2013 and I have to get to HABC before then to get an extension.
 God, I fucking hate gov't. bureaucracy!

Anyway, I need to go up to the kid's bedroom, one of the 2 rooms in this house with A/C, and lower my core temperature back down to somewhere around 100 degrees...... LOL....(NOT!!!).
This old farmhouse is miserably hot, with a sheetmetal roof, and the extended heatwave has not allowed it to cool off below 85 degrees minimum...INSIDE....AT NIGHT!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good Afternoon;
So....another excellent essay by Joel John Roberts of Poverty Insights;

Reminds you of this doesn't it?
Inner Vision
Don't tell me about MY reality
*Don't try to delineate MY illusions
YOU have not walked in my shoes
*YOU have not lived in my skin
Where YOU see a crazy man
*Talking to himself on the bus
I see a kindred soul
*Crying out for solace to a deaf world
YOU may have some sympathy
*But you'll never understand
YOU see only the facade
*I see Insanity from the Inside
Where You see a diamond
*Sharp edged bright and beautiful
I see a house of mirrors
*Trapping me in the midst of endless reflections
So DON"T tell me about MY reality
*If I can't define it
How the Hell can YOU
*Blinded by the light of your ego