Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Blowin' In The Wind..................... If Only Farting Was An Olympic Sport ............... Scream Vacation Ahead ........................"

Good Morning;
Well I'm at Jenn's for the night
 and part of today.
I watched the grandmonsters while she and Tom were both out and about. Showered, did laundry, ate, played with my grand daughter Devin for a while, (she's 4 yrs. we basically think!)
and watched part of the opening ceremonies of the XXX Olympiad.
I've got to admit I love ceremony and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade aspect of it all, but those U.S.A. uniforms are horrible....
and BERETS!!!......WTF??!!
(And they're 'Made In China', c'mon now, the pride of American athletes in outsourced manufactured clothing, in the middle of a recession no less?!?!)

Got trapped by one hellacious thunderstorm Thursday night under the awning behind the library after John gave me a ride from Starbucks.
NOTE: Awnings = 
Vertical rain...Good
Horizontal Rain...NOT Good
The winds were so strong and so variable in direction that while I wasn't actually soaked from being rained on directly, as I was thoroughly chilled and 'moistened' from a 360 degree spraying.

After the rain finally stopped about an hour later I went to the Giant to wipe off. When I stepped back outside the parking lot was covered in a steam mist as the heat from the ground was rising and negating any cooling effect the storm may have had.
Because everything was o soaked I ended up in the shed anyhow. It was cooled just barely enough to sleep in.
As it has been for the past week or o I woke up for no discernible reason at about 3:45 am., then every hour after that until I got up at 9:00 am. and went over to RiteAid to get my blood pressure prescription.
Then over to the library for a bit before catching the buses to the coffee shop where I just had time to eat lunch and read the newspaper before walking over to catch the train to Hunt Valley to meet Jenn

I am coming back here Sunday evening to stay until Thursday morning to 'pet sit' while they take the kids to Hershey Park for a mini vacation.
Just me, 5 cats, 1 dog.......and her batshit crazy m-i-l. the woods.....with no transportation, 
{ I've seen her way in hell am I getting in her car! }
[ I may be suicidal......but I'm not insane!!!.........LOL! ]


Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Bad Company................aka.................The Company You Keep......................"

Good Evening;

Well...........I gotta tell you, loyal reader, it's too damn hot!
The library and the Starbucks both have A/C units that are struggling because the high temps are combined with high humidity. The shed is going to be uninhabitable tonight. It definitely is going to be an 'outside' night on a bench somewhere, hopefully I can get to one that is tucked away out of sight. The Russian junkie kid, Ivan is back and up to his old tricks so I don't want to be out in the open if I can avoid it.

It is not so much that I am worried about him stealing or taking anything from me, (though I trust him about as far as I can throw him if something of value is in reach and I'm not looking, so I try to avoid leaving "targets of opportunity" ), but more of a case of "Guilt By Association" situation.
I keep a low profile and avoid contact with authorities, and have had no troubles. He is known to the cops as someone to watch, and both the gas station and the library have banned him for conduct and things having "gone missing" after he has passed by. I do not need, and cannot afford to be lumped in with someone with that kind of a reputation.

The problem is he likes me and wants to hang out if I'm at the picnic table watching TV or on the laptop at night. I don't want to cause enmity or anger him, he has a short fuse, or even be rude....but, 2 nights ago he came by so doped up he was falling or leaning against me, and slurring that he "wasn't queer or anything", then breaking into laughter and/or a 'nod'. It kinda ticks me off because I don't want any company on those nights I'm sitting out there.

Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky and one of you will call me an tell me to come over and crash at your place in the A/C, or you'll come by an spring for a motel room for the night...(hint..hint, wink..wink..nudge..nudge........LOL!)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Local Linkage..................."

Good Afternoon;

A couple links to local, (Baltimore Md.), homeless advocacy and resource websites:


Project Homeless Connect: August 2, 2012

PRE-EVENT Media attention is needed for the following:

The Journey Home: Baltimore's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness presents Baltimore's First Annual PROJECT HOMELESS CONNECT - A Convention to Serve the Homeless

A day of FREE services for people and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless:

Obtain an ID or Birth Certificate
Resume & Job Assistance
Basic Health Care
Legal Advice
Food Stamps
Housing Information
Community Resources
Personal Well Being

Also provided at no cost:

Foot Bath Stations
Personal Care Packages
Free Childcare at the Event
Free Boxed Lunch


620 Fallsway
The Franciscan Center  101 W. 23 St
Bea Gaddy Family Center  425 N. Chester St
the Agape house  1501 N. Dukeland St

August 2, 2012
11 am - 3 pm

M&T Bank Stadium
1101 Russell Street
Baltimore MD

More info to come as soon as I get it;


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Hump Day Runaround....................."

 Good Evening
Back in town from Jenn's and at the Starbucks.
Looks like the shed is going to be too hot until 4:00 - 5:00 am. so I guess it's going to be the library picnic table tonight.

Tomorrow I have to go to the City Paper and pick up a check, and depending on where, (& when) I can get it cashed, it's out to look for some more bupes to last through the end of the month, then hopefully to get bloodwork done.
See you tomorrow,


"Hate Crimes Against The Homeless................................"

Good Afternoon;
A link to a story on the Poverty Insights website;


Monday, July 23, 2012

"Muntant Mosquitoes From Hell.............. & .......................They Liked My Essay, Esai! .................."

Good Evening;
 Well....yesterday was a pretty laid back, typical Sunday. Hit the Giant then caught the buses to Starbucks. Spent the day reading and on the computer and got a ride back to the Pikesville library with my friend John. 
I sat out there and watched "The Big Bang Theory", and "Law And Order" until about Midnight when the mosquitoes forced me into the shed.

When 2 of the hugest skeeters I've ever seen land on me, and I hear one ask the other...
 "Shall we eat here?", and the second one replies,
"No way, let's just pick him up and carry him home before the big ones take him away from us!"'s time to head inside!

It was a weird night for sleep, I woke up at 3:27 am., (after about 2  & 1/2 hours sleep), with a start and in a panic an jumped up and started putting my shoes on before I was even awake. Don't ask me why, 'cause I've got no idea! After a few minutes of standing and swaying in my boots and my 'tighty whiteys' I reached a level of consciousness that allowed me to ask myself...
"WTF!!!!!!!!, Why am I standing here half naked?"
and take my boots off an go back to sleep. I woke again at 5:00 am. for, 'hydraulic' reasons, took care of business and my morning meds and went back to sleep until 7:45 am. After that it was 'close my eyes for a second' and 30 minutes later wake up, until about 9:30 am. when I finally got up and went over to the Giant and shaved and washed up. Then it was over to the library until it was time to catch the Noon buses here to the coffee shop.

When I checked my e-mail there was one from the editor of the "Urbanite Magazine", a free local monthly telling me that the essay I had submitted to the nonfiction "What You're Writing" segment of the magazine had been chosen as one of the pieces to be published in the October issue, in that month's category, 'Companionship'.
Well of course I'm tickled to death with this turn of events, especially after having a second column published in the City Paper in the current, (July 18th - 24th) edition.
Not gonna preview this yet, until just before it's out, for the out of town, 'Loyal Readers'

Jenn is picking me up tonight to go back with her and do laundry and shower at her place in Monkton, and get dropped of at the train in Hunt Valley on Tuesday morning or afternoon. Depending on how early it ends up being I may stop by JAI and have blood drawn for the tests the Doctor ordered, and if not then, on Wednesday.

That's it for now..............


Sunday, July 22, 2012

"An Alternative To ' 30 Days; 3 Hots & A Cot '............."

Good Afternoon;

A link to the 'Salt Lake Tribune' website and a story about a judge who has found a practical, pragmatic, progressive, & humane way to deal with some of the legal issues the homeless population runs up against.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Riding The Storm Out........................"

Good Evening;
So....last night was a night of short cat naps alternating with drip checks and constant reconfiguration of the sheets of corrugated cardboard and wooden 'shakes' that act as props, shims, & supports and channel the streams of water to either the outside, or the front areas of the shed that are beyond repair & my abilities to divert the incoming water.
At least the heat has broken!  :)

This morning I was going to just sleep in as long as possible, but that ended up being 9:30 am. :(
I stopped in the Giant and then the library before catching the 2:30 pm. bus here to the coffee shop. It began to pour again as I was getting off the bus and I ducked under the Kelly Ave. bridge for shelter and ended up stuck there for an hour, without anyplace to sit or any dry ground to put the bags on. :(

It looks like the worst has passed with only a drizzle or heavy mist out there now, and clearing skies towards morning.

And that is all I've got to relate right now, so.......


Friday, July 20, 2012

"Storm Warnings............................."

Good Evening;
So...I'm sitting in the coffee shop watching as the rain starts to spit and spray again as if it can't make up it's mind to let go now....or wait until I'm halfway to the bus stop a bit later

Last night I got trapped under the awning behind the library when that series of storms rolled through. ( As did Barry, aka 'Rainman', carrying his sleeping cardboard and heading for higher ground while mumbling/babbling semi-coherently, and a few minutes later someone else came by trying to outrun the rain....reminiscent of the tornado scene in "The Wizard Of Oz" I was okay for the first half hour or so as the rain came down in buckets, filling the recessed ramp of the loading dock to within an inch of the top. That is a good 4 & 1/2 feet of water that sluiced of off both parking lots. Seem like the drain may be a wee bit clogged, dontcha As I stated I was okay for a while because the rain was coming own in a vertical deluge. When the trailing edge of the first storm passed and the leading edge of the second one blew in the rain became horizontal first in one direction, then the opposite.

I didn't get 'soaked' per se, more like 'thoroughly moistened'. As did my bags and the TV before I got it wiped own and in the case. The worst was over in an hour and I lifted and rained the picnic table then wiped it down and tuned back in.
The Russian guy I've mentioned, Ivan, was walking by and asked if he could sit and watch with me, so we watched 'The Office' twice and 'My Name Is Earl' and then I gave him some extra sandwiches and we split up and I went into the shed, which, as expected, was dry on my third, but a puddle of pulp on the other two thirds.

I slept like a rock for 5 hours. catching up for missed sleep while at Jenn's, woke up took my morning meds and got another 2 hours sleep. Then it was over to the Giant to wash up and grab a little bit of turkey to add to the sandwiches I was given last night. After that I stopped by the library to talk to the manager and show her my cell phone pics of the water last night. She told me it was a known issue, and that during the hours they are open they would have put a submersible pump in there to let it drain in to the grass.

Then it was over here to the coffee shop courtesy of one of the MTA's nastiest drivers who was deliberately EVERYONE!
"Write 'er up!" was the consensus echoing on the bus as she went right past the light rail stop EVERY OTHER BUS DRIVER STOPS AT! to one farther away and inconvenient.

I was the recipient of kudos and kind words about this weeks column in the City Paper, despite, (obviously 'to my eyes only'!) an orphan line that should have been removed when the rest of the content that it was referring to was edited out.
And now it's time to pack up, call Rachel for her nightly goodnight call, and head over to the bus stop.


To: Anonymous;
In response to your Comment, (which I just saw today, for some reason  Blogger no longer has automatic notification, as they used to, so I miss some at times);

Am I a racist? While I make no secret of my dislike and disgust of a seemingly pervasive culture of violence, misogyny, crudity, that is exemplified and glorified by  the majority of the rap music I hear. Where ignorance is the response to common courtesy, self centered greed and entitlement trample over generosity, respect for ANY law is absent and let's not even talk about simple manners and pleasantries.
When stupidity and power over the weak are praised, while compassion is unknown........and everything that does not go the way that an individual or clique wants it to go is a conspiracy against them. These attitudes and actions anger and disgust me.
As do the Teabaggers who want to shape the county and Constitution into their narrow minded mold.
And Radical terrorists who twist and pervert religion, Christian, Islamic, Jewish.
And Homophobes.
And child molesters.....etc.
Right To Lifers who don't give a damn about the child once born.
And ASSHATS in general

So.....I would say no I am not a racist, more like an Equal Opportunity Bigot, with a pretty specific focus.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"To Live And Die In L.A................................"

Good Evening;
 So...this story out of L.A. illustrates why I try to to be
"out of sight-out of mind" when I sleep, preferably behind a barred or locked door.


"Sister Act......................Comment To A Commenter......................."

Good Afternoon;
I'm here at the coffee shop after 3 nights an 2 & 1/2 days at Jenn's. Rachel was up there with me from Monday night to Wednesday afternoon and ha a great time seeing her sister, (Jenn...[ who's 30 next month and Rachel just turned 8 ]..), and playing with the grand monsters, (her nephew and niece...who are 7 and's a complicated numbers

I just logged on now to offer an apology to "Azuredee" for not publishing your comment until today, I somehow overlooked it, but thank you for the sentiment and kind words.
I'll be back this evening,


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"No Place Like Home - Columns - Baltimore City Paper.......................Hotter 'n Hell...........AGAIN!..."

Good Evening;
Well Rachel and I are over Jenn's on a combination visit and monstersitting assignment.
Showered, washed clothes, ate a meal that was not a sandwich,
and did not leave the A/C all day, and hope to do the same tomorrow, since the temperature is supposed to hit 102 degrees.

Here is the newest installment of my column in the City Paper:

No Place Like Home - Columns - Baltimore City Paper


Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Early Bird Special...................."

Good Morning; it is 2:45 am. Saturday morning an I'm still out here in back of the library. I just finished adding a couple paragraphs to one of the pieces I sent  to Evan at the City Paper for the next installment of the column. I was also watching TV and eating a late dinner and futzing around on FB and Twitter...yeah, yeah, multi-tasking, that what I was!

I had a nice, long conversation with a woman in the coffee shop yesterday evening. Her name is Rachel and somewhere back in the depths of time....(anything more than 2 weeks ago, my C.R.S. is acting, we became acquainted because of the fact that her name and my daughter's are the same. In our conversation I showed and told her about the first check from the CP that I picked up earlier that day. When I went and showed her the paper with the column in it she exclaimed "I knew it, I knew this was you". I had never mentioned being homeless in our occasional brief conversations up to this point, so it was a shock and a thrill to hear that. She slipped me a $5.00 for bus fare for the next day or two until I figure out how to cash the check, and graciously volunteered her help and services if their is anything she can o to assist me. It was a really sweet encounter.

John gave me a ride back here to Pikesville when the coffee shop closed and here I sit.....still.
It's time to lay down now though, before I nod out and drool all over this already messed up


Friday, July 13, 2012

"Space Cadet........................... & ...........................Check, Please?..................."

Good Afternoon; was another 'FTMTA' day yesterday. Buses not showing up at all, being cut with no notice, and up to an hour late.
I got back to Pikesville after 12:00 am. last night and it was so nice out with a good breeze blowing that I sat on the bench by the library entrance until 3:00 am.
I started out reading but started thinking about one of the places in the Caribbean mentioned in one of the books I'm reading, ('A Salty Piece Of Land', by Jimmy Buffett), that I've been to, and ended up spacing out and daydreaming for an hour. Then when I went back to the book, I kept falling asleep sitting up for 20 or 30 minutes at a time until I finally decided to head over to the shed. It was cool enough to sleep in but by 7:45 am. or so was beginning to heat up from the direct sun on the wall by my head, which has a couple large metal shelves as 'patches'.
The humidity also rose in the dawn hours so I was up and out by 8:15 am. and in the Giant shaving. I then sat outside the library and had a fruit, cheese, hardboiled egg, and flatbread "protein bistro box" that was gifted me last night, for breakfast.
After the library opened I spent a couple hours on the computer an let my phones charge, (Jeff did get a chance to put money on the "tweet" phone last night, or it may have been afternoon for him in California).
Then I jumped on the bus and subway an went to the City Paper offices to pick up my check for the Homelesscide column. Evan wasn't there so we did not get a chance to talk but he sent me an e-mail with a heavily edited version of what I had sent him for next week with a request for a couple more paragraphs to be added.
That's tonight's and tomorrow's project.

If I wasn't so desperate for the money I'd frame the check and save it some where.
It may come to that anyway, I can't fin anyone to cash it for me right now. I was going to ask Jenn and Tom to send it through their account, but her car died an they were forced to buy a new truck.....literally! The only way they could get financing on anything with the resources available to them, and Tom's credit, which was not 'bad', was on a new vehicle.
(The banks want to be able to sell it if they repossess it, which is logical from one point of view...but is helping to set people up for failure from another.)

I'm going to have to hit a check cashing store tomorrow and see if I can get them to understand why the mailing address on the check..(which I did NOT expect to be printed on it!) different from the one on the State ID I do have, which I have not live at for..???..5 & 1/2 years I think, and is expired anyway. But it does have my name and picture as does my disability bus fare card...soooooo, maybe it will be less of a hassle than the last time I had to cash a check. I think the fee is 3 to 5%, which is $3.00 to $5.00.

Okay, I'm done here for now,

We do not write because we want to; 
we write because we have to.
 –W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Musings On Life, Death, Family............Wanderlust...............Payday!!.................."

Good Evening;
Well...last night was finally a cool enough night inside and out so that I was able to sleep in the shed...and of course the combination of being overtired and a sore back meant a lousy sleep....go!

I first spent about 3 hours out behind the library reading, eating a late dinner from my care package/scavenger hunt from Jenn's, an watching TV. From where I sat I could see a couple other homeless guys walking up an own Reisterstown Rd. Two of them have been sleeping on the benches in front of the library in the small park like area. The police have cruised by but never stopped, I guess because of no complaints, quiet and peaceful demeanor, and the fact that any action on their part probably isn't worth the ensuing paperwork.

I received a FB post from my cousin Barbara, in California, who found me through the online edition of the Jewish Times back in Feb. 2010, about the passing of a woman who was my grandfather's and her great grandfather's sister at the age of 105, an she was sharp as a tack and 'with it' to the end. This would have been my great aunt. Never knew her, never even knew of her, (though I did look her up on a family tree Barbara sent me). Obviously my family ties are not very closely held, but this stirred something inside of me.
The dual longing for a connection to people and place, and the yearning to go home, to a place I've not yet been, fueling the building, burning wanderlust I've kept banked and smoldering for way too long.
The dreams I've been having lately, that slip through my mind's grasp in those few moments that bridge sleeping and wakefulness, and leave bits and fragments only, too small and short to easily comprehend. The flashes and glimpses of places I've never been calling me home like cherished memories. Sometimes it seems this whole ordeal is only preparation for a journey still to come, deeds yet undone, and stories waiting to unfold.

Blink...twitch...shake.......huh, what.....oh, must have spaced out for a minute, sorry.

In a little while I have to start packing up an head over to Monkee's. I borrowed $10.00 and am going to pick up some 'bupes'
And just after I arranged that Evan e-mailed that there was a check for me from the City Paper that I can pick up tomorrow!
Where and how to cash it is another issue.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Fleas And Fungi..................Lovely............"

Good Evening;
Well....yesterday at the library and about 3:30pm.Tom picked me up and we drove out to Jenn's where I watched the grandmonsters while they went out. I showered, got a chance to clean and dry an put some ointment on the damn fungal rash I've acquired, and did laundry.

I literally passed out in the recliner when we got there,(actually only semi-conscious, so I could hear if the normal 'kid noise' started to get over the top), getting up about 9:00 pm. to shower and eat, and out clothes in washer.
After I put the kids to bed, sat own and passed out again until about 1:00 am. when I stumbled upstairs to put clothes in dryer then passed out again.
Somehow I managed, like a horse or a cow, to stay asleep and still keep brushing at the damn fleas that have infested their apartment. I hope I can convince them to bomb it before fall or shit's gonna hit the fan when the "autumnal flea population explosion" occurs!

That's it for now,

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum. And the great fleas themselves, in turn, have greater fleas to go on; While these again have greater still, and greater still, and so on.
[1872 A. De morgan Budget of Paradoxes 377]

Monday, July 9, 2012

"Fungal In The Jungle........................"

Good Evening;
Well.....It was so freakin' humid last night and the shed was so hot that I ended up crashing out about 1:00  am. on the library bench....until the lightning and thunder woke me up just in time to move under the side portico before the rain started. I fell back asleep on the concrete after I determined the rain was not ending anytime soon. I woke up about 7:00 am. and sat there until 8:00 am. when the rain was slacked off enough to get to the Giant and wash up. I had a sandwich left over from last night that was breakfast, (and another one that was dinner.....looks like tomorrow is Dunkin' Dumpster Divin'..), and since the library was not open for 45 minutes, and there was no place dry to sit, ...and....since a bus was passing by, I ended up here at the coffee shop about 9:15 am, the earliest I've been here in a long while.

Jenn is not coming in town tonight so I'm not going to Monkton as I had hoped for a MUCH!!!! needed shower and laundry, and a chance to actually get my skin dry. I have some sort of fungal/yeast type infection on my skin, similar to a nasty diaper rash. It is where my "Dunlaps Disease" is most prevalent, and is irritating to the point of pain, and has it's own unique funk.....not a pretty sight. I just have not been able to get clean an dry enough with all the heat and humidity. I've been using anti-fungal creme when I can, but I need a decent shower first to have it fully effective.

I am supposed to go up there with Tom tomorrow around Midday, if I do not have a doctors appointment for an unrelated issue open up.

Gotta run.....closing time


Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Bench Pressed.........."

Good Evening;'s too freakin' hot! I spent the 3rd night in a row not in the shed. I ended up reading and then crashed out on the bench in front of the library entrance until about 7:30 am. Too much sun and increasing temps. sent me around to the back where I sat at the picnic table with my head on my bag and dozed until about 11:00 am. I had to go to the Giant and cool off before I caught the bus here to Starbucks. The A/C here is struggling with the stooopid humidity, and I'm wearing my third shirt today. The thunerstorms that would help to cool it off keep either passing south or north, or petering out before they get here.
It's miserable enough during the day, but nights are hell!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Old Home Week..................................Too, Too, Too, DAMN HOT!............."DD

Good Evening;

Well....It's too freakin' hot, that's all there is to it!
I have not "slept" in 4 nights, other than passing out from exhaustion an being woken up from the heat. Last night after leaving the back of the library about 2:15 am. and spending 90 minutes in the A/C at the gas station I wandered around Pikesville looking for a place to lay down. I crashed out in front of the library entrance about 5:50 am. only to be woken up by the blazing sun and near 90 degree temperatures shortly after 7:00 am.

I then got up and stumbled to the benches I should have started on, in the shade of the building and trees facing Reisterstown Rd., where I grabbed another 90 minutes 'sleep'.
I stayed in the library until 4:00 pm then caught the buses here to the coffee shop.

I was gifted with a couple sandwiches and a few bagels last night as I was leaving here, which turned out to be a good thing. As I was riding the Light Rail to State Center to get the Metro subway I ran into a semi-homeless woman who was a bit frantic and agitated asking me for the time. It was 9:30 pm. and she kept asking if I thought she would make it to McCullough St. by 10:00 pm., as she ha to be inside her transitional housing by then.

She was almost crying and shaking with emotion as she told me how she was 7 months pregnant, (by sight, at least!!), and that she had just been chased off of the corner of Falls Rd. & Northern Pkwy. where she had been panhandling, trying to get a few bucks to get something to eat and buy some supplements her doctor wanted her to drink. Her name is Jenny and her boyfriend had slapped her around, taken her last dollar, an she thinks also her Independence card. She told me about being the only white girl in the house and  being picked on or singled out for the nastiest chores, condition non-withstanding.

I had told her I was also homeless earlier, so it was not a scam story, she knew I was broke. I had also had the same experience in a minority 'reversal' situation, so I empathized with her there, an with the whole 'not knowing' what to do or where to go on a weekend when shit hits the fan. I gave her the sandwiches and bagels except for one bagel for myself, and she burst into tears, and asked "Why?". I told her "Because it's the right thing to do" and on an impulse reached out and touched her cheek. She turned her head trapping my hand between her cheek and shoulder and reached out and pulled me into an embrace with her other arm.

After a couple heartbeats too many I managed to extricate my self from (what was rather physically obvious to both of us) a potentially dangerous and complicated situation in the making by reminding her about the curfew she was just going to make if she disentangled her self....NOW. She kissed me hard then thanked me again, and trotted of at top pregnancy speed, as I struggled to put THAT particular demon back in his box.

When I finally got back to Pikesville, in the course of my wanderings last night and today, I found 5 more homeless people in and around the library and the benches, 4 I knew or knew of, an 1 unfamiliar person. On the bus from the subway I saw the guy I've mentioned who calls himself Mike, who I saw a couple months ago for the first time in over a year, and not again since. Turns out he now has almost 2 years clean in AA. It took looking at 20 years in prison for him to 'wake up', after waking up in a synagogue staring into the muzzle, having broken in to sleep off a drunk. Last night I saw Barry, ('Rainman'), and the black dude with the rolling suitcase who is always angry, and the nameless guy was the other. The 'Crack Daddy Caddy' I saw heading into the liquor store today as I rode past on the bus.

Today was also proof that sometimes 'what goes around comes around'. Twice today a woman has asked me if she could give me a couple dollars, once in the library as I was counting out my bus fare in coins, and again here at the coffee shop after she read my piece in the City Paper. Both were non solicited, an out of the blue.
So I now have bus fare for 2 more days.

Gotta run...................closing time,


Friday, July 6, 2012

"It's Not The Ps & Qs I'm Worried About .........................It's The Ds And Es.............."

Good Evening; you know how hard it is to try to write without using the letters "e" & "d"? Some offered me a USB keyboard, but it is one of those newfangled 'ergonomic' split types that curves like a boomerang, and is really bulky. Just too much to carry. I'd like to get hold of one of the roll up type semi-soft ones, not the totally flat ones but the ones that have a soft key feel. Ah well, just dreaming.

Last night I sat out behind the library until 2:30 am., then sat in the A/C at the gas station talking to Daniel until 3:30 am., when I HAD to lie down and pass out. I had opened the shed door as I went passed to try to air it out, and it helped a bit.  But I was still up and out by 7:10 am. due to the heat in there. Giant, library picnic table, library, Starbucks.....same old routine.

The library was filled with homeless folks today, tomorrow should look the
 same. All those I saw were just quietly sitting, reading, on the computers, grateful for a respite from the heat.

It cooled off today, the "official" temperature was only 96 degrees....ha..ha!
Saturday is supposed to be over 100......lovely,
with heat indices approaching 110 degrees.

Still tired, & don't want deal with this kyboar now


Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Heat Exchange....................Not Doctor Who------Doctor When?......................"

Good Evening;'s thundering and spitting rain right now, and there is a broken line of storms moving through for the next few hours, it's just a matter of time before one of the cells dumps on us here.
It's gonna cool it off for 20 minutes an then raise the humidity through the roof.
I was asked why I devote so much space to the weather, well it probably is the most significant factor in the life of someone living on the street.
Think about it.

I got into the shed about 4:00 am. despite the heat, aired it out as best I could and passed out for 3 hours until I was forced out at 7:00 am. by the rising temps. After stopping in the Giant to use the restroom, wash up, and spend my last $0.50 except for tomorrow's bus fare on one of the 2oz. pkgs. of Buddig 'chopped, pressed, formed' lunch meats on sale. After using my last roll it's now 'peanut butter on a poon' as my youngest stepson used to say, for the forseeable future.

Sat outside the library in the shade until 9:00 am. when they opened then stayed there until 3:00 pm.when I ended up getting on the "bus from hell!" to JAI Medical. A power mad bus driver, not only late but crazy from the heat and seemingly picking up only insane or heat stroked or doped up or tweaked out of their mind passengers.

I get to JAI at 3:47 pm. for my 4:00 pm appointment an see Jenn in the parking lot. She honks at me and I wave and yell hang on and go inside to check in first. Which was a good thing because I'm told that I'm late an my appointment has been given to someone else. Not a happy camper!!!!
After I show my appointment card saying 4:00 pm. and let them know that I WAS! seeing the doctor today and got it confirmed by higher, I went out to Jenn and grabbed the clean clothes she had washed for me.

I had just given a urine sample, (funny story about this later!!!!), and was waiting to give a blood sample when the nurse came and got me and took me back to the exam room, so I still have to go back an give a blood sample one day soon. After the bloodwork comes back, decisions need to be made about dealing with the gallbladder and spleen, and the liver, and the spinal issues, and possibly the neuropathy from the pneumonia surgery.
I also got referrals to the shrink, optometrist, an addictions coordinator, (all by consensus).

After leaving JAI I caught the bus to the light rail and here to the coffee shop, where I cadged my first an only cup of coffee today.

And it's close enough to closing time that I want to pack up and head out to the bus, the damn thing has either been 15 minutes early or an hour late.


"Is Jello A Liquid Or A Solid?............I Don't Care, I'm Cutting A Chunk Out For A Pillow!.................."

Good Morning;'s just about 12:30 am. Thursday morning and the temperature is 86 degrees with a heat index of 91 degrees, a 71 degree dew point and 61% humidity. The air is like Jello and walking is really an effort.
I am out here behind the library enjoying a nice breeze that is funneled 
between the buildings, falling asleep over the keyboard after every other word.
No sleep since 9:00 am. yesterday, I wish I could lay down.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"All Night...And Half The Morning Too.................................................."

Good Morning;'s 8:40 am. and I am just packing up out behind the library. I've been here since about 11:15 pm.last night with the laptop and the TV. Probably shoulda tried to sleep near dawn, 'cause it does not look good for tonight according to all the weatherfolk on all the channels.

It's either going to be a sauna, or, if it storms, a steam bath in the shed tonight....I'm open to invitations.
I'll entertain you with stories in trade for access to your A/C........
(it would be really nice if you have a swimming pool!)

Anyway, I've got to dump some clothing at the shed, and put on real shoes.
I did not expect to be at Jenn's so long and only wore my old 'moc' type boat they are NOT made for walkin'..


{To the young lady who wrote the very sweet letter,..
Thank you very much for you thoughts, and for the collection of socks you made up this winter for the homeless, your mom and dad should be very proud of you. To answer your question, here is another question...
You visited some of the shelters, would YOU stay at them if you had another
more private, option? Well I'm not comfortable in crowds either.}

"Relatively Insane..............Summer Reading/Other Voices...........

Good Morning;

Well it's 2:22am.,  no, now it's 3:20am. and I'm sitting here behind the library watching TV and fighting the keyboard again. I was at Jenn's for 4 nights and 4 days watching the grandmonsters, avoiding the heat and the huge thunderstorm Friday night, washing a load of clothes, showering, fighting fleas, getting ready to leave 3 times and having plans changed 3 times and staying one more night, having today's departure moved from 1:00 pm. to 2:30 pm. to 6:30 pm. to 7:00 pm....and finally leaving there after 8:00 pm.
(I ended up getting on the train at Timonium at 8:30 pm. and after one bus never showed and barely making the third connection because the bus I finally did catch was 20 minutes late too. I reached Pikesville after 11:00 pm.....& I'm NOT a happy camper.)
And I am still too wound up to discuss the fighting between my daughter and her husband that drove me upstairs to sit in the still overly hot kitchen after Midnight last night. And the craziness that her m-i-l is both spouting and doing has me wondering whether the multiple vectors of tension and dysfunction in that house is one of the many contributing factors to this ever tightening downward spiral I feel trapped in.

But with the insane heat this year, with more 99 - 100+ degree
temperatures forecast for the weekend, and having no other regular place to shower and wash......

So.. I was just checking my e-mail and attached to one from one of the coordinators of the "Faces Of The Homeless" Speakers Bureau was this flyer;
Baltimore Area
Faces of Homelessness
Speakers’ Bureau

Sponsored by: Health Care for the Homeless Inc., Beans and Bread Center,
Project PLASE, and National Coalition for the Homeless

The Baltimore Area Speakers Bureau is a public education program that aims to

  • Dispel myths/stereotypes about homelessness
  • Personalize, individualize, and put a “face” on homelessness
The speakers are individuals who have personally experienced homelessness, and are the true experts on the topic. The “Faces of Homelessness” Speakers’ Bureau builds opportunities for members to advocate for themselves and others and to build bridges within the community.

A standard presentation includes up to three panelists with firsthand experience of homelessness and a discussion moderator. While presentations can be customized for particular groups, classes, or events, presentations typically follow this outline:

  • Introduction and Stereotypes (5-10 minutes)
  • Speaker Testimonies from 2-3 speakers (10-20 minutes each)
  • Question and Answer (15+ minutes)

For more information on hosting a “Faces of Homelessness” Speakers’ Bureau panel, check out our blog at or contact:

And this is their website;

She wrote that she had read the "City Paper" column, and I guess followed the link to blog and from their got my e-mail.

It looks like an interesting program and I think I'll stop by and listen one Wednesday, when it's not so damn hot and midday travel isn't as exhausting.
Here is a link to a blog 
that I subscribe to, "Being Homeless In Baltimore",
A moving and passionate post by Marc Schumann:

It's actually quite comfortable right now, with a fairly strong wind.I am considering packing up and heading over to the shed and leaving the door open for a while hoping it cools it off and airs it out.....after this episode of "American Dad"....umm I mean "It's Always Sunny In Philaelphia", [it's now 4:16 am.].

Tomorrow, (, I have to go down and talk to Monkee, put together a second column to send to Evan for editing, for next weeks City Paper. I also have to complete and e-mail the forms to them so I can get paid, now that I've worked out an address to use.

Okay.....theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeessssssssssssssssssssss
is going apesshit again.....

[4:38 am.--"King Of The Hill"}