Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after......

Hi there, it's the day after turkey day and the library has reopened. One of the of the worst things about being on the street is having nowhere to go on holidays, because everything is closed, (bars are an option, but, if I am going to one I would prefer to make it an occasional social, or cuilinary destination, rather than just a place to be). I tend to spend my time in a coffee shop or the library, (when I am not sitting in social svc. agncy. or drs. office waiting rooms), or taking advantage of my monthly bus pass and riding the train or light rail. There are also galleries and museums with no admission charges that I go to when I can find a secure place to leave my things. One of the other really bad things about being on the street is having no where to just leave things safely,( clothes, toiletries, sleeping bag, essential papers ) that might be needed at a moments notice. It is not cool to try to enjoy an exhibit while carrying a duffel and a sleeping bag and being followed by security. I am lucky (blessed) with a place for long term storage and places to bathe and change, and food is rarely in issue. But having nowhere to just be able to "BE" is a major factor in my clinical depression an G.A.D., mental health issues.
Coffee shops
The place I spend the most time is in Coffee shops, I can nurse a cup of coffee and a few refills, buy a pastry and only spend a few dollars, all the while killing 2,3,or even 5 hours in a warm, dry place. Getting to know the staff and regulars is part of my routine and gives me the needed social interaction I crave within the confines of "normal" society. Being naturally gregarious I am looking for "CHEERS" on a lower budget, and without the alcohol(sometimes). OOPS computer time's up and it's crowded today, gotta go.

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