Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Doing The Right Thing.................Regardless! ........."

Good Morning;

Well..... I'm still here, and still waiting on word about my apartment in Hampden. It was supposed to be ready for inspection by HABC on this past Monday, but....?? Twice before issues related to construction and/or materiel forced a postponement.
Got my fingers crossed!

Here is a link to another Joel John Roberts essay from "Poverty Insights",
about the media's preconceived notion that the "Homeless" are all without morals, or honesty, despite all their own stories and reports of examples to the contrary.

(And there is a LARGE blank/white area before the text starts, so please scroll down before you exit thinking it's a bad link)



elana snyder said...

best wishes. I started out on Keswick then lived in the 800 block of w.36th. but at that time I did not have a housing subsidy, that was in 95/96

Alexis Moore said...

Just recently read the article at, and I find the story inspiring. It is true that we must not judge people based on their appearance or situation, because we cannot see someone's heart. Blessings come to those who have pure hearts.

Looking forward for more inspiring stories on your blog!

Sheltered by Grace
Homeless Brisbane