Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...., (Raising My Fist To The Sky In A One Finger Salute)... OR... Cold Weather STILL SUCKS, ....But Now I've Got A Place To Escape It !!!!!!!!!!!!..."

Good Evening;

So........ Greetings and Hallucinations, Salutations and Felicitations for the New Year! May 2014 be as good to you as it is starting out for me.
My apologies both for my long absence and that this post is only going to be a short, short, update. There will be a longer, denser and more complete posting in a few days, just keep checking back.

Well I am sitting here in the Enoch Pratt Free Library on Thursday night January 2nd, 2014.... in the middle of the new years first snowstorm! But, 'No Worries", 
as our friends 'down under' say, because it is only about 5 blocks to.....
wait for it............ My New Apartment!!!!!!!!!!

Yup.... Homelesscide is now technically a misnomer!

I don't have WIFI yet, here in...... Hampden!
so I'll be using the library until I figure out which way to go,
mobile broadband or an in house Xfinity or FIOS hookup.

As of now my furnishings consist of an inflatable queen size bed/mattress,
(which is actually really, really comfortable), a scavenged TV/Microwave cart
with broken (and removed) casters as my kitchen table, and a 5 gallon 'drywall mud' bucket with a couple short boards and Yellow Pages phone books to raise it to the right height, as my chair/stool. And of course my little digital mini TV,
my mini DVD/CD player, (and a clock radio which I scarfed from

It's now snowing much harder so I'm heading home....(HOME!).

More very soon, to catch everyone up on the past 6 months, I promise.
(and please remember that 'soon' is a variable not a constant.... ;-)  )

Later................................ Dave

(and a grateful thanks to Cheryl)

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