Monday, March 4, 2013

"All Right March, .....Enough With The Lion....I'm Ready For The Lamb!................"

Good Evening;

So.... Cold, Windy; Cold, Windy; Cold Windy, Cold, Windy.
Library-Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks, Library.
Library Sidewalk, Library Sidewalk, Library Sidewalk, Library Sidewalk.
That's 4 days of Weather, 4 days of Daytime Locations, 4 days of Where I Spent The Night.
And now you are caught up on my past 4 days from Friday morning through tonight, (Monday).

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at some point in the afternoon I am going up to Jenn's hopefully ahead of the coming snowstorm, to spend a couple nights and days. Then on Thursday Jenn is coming with me to a meeting at the Reisterstown Road Plaza Social Security Office, (details to follow after).

Tuesday will be partly here at the library, then maybe partly at the coffee shop, then possibly on the Light Rail to Hunt Valley, depending on where and when I am meeting Tom for the ride out to their place.

I realized one thing this weekend at the coffeeshop where it was a continuation of "alumni weekend/old home week" as much as I loved the apartment in Canton, I really needed to be out meeting and talking to people to combat the insidiousness of my own particular brand of mental illmess. It's a delicate balance between comfort and crazy and creativity inside my head.


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