Friday, March 1, 2013

" Comments....... Kind Words...... Confessions....... &......... Klutzy Me................ "

Good Morning;

Well.....First I need to say "Thank You!, Elise", for the lovely comment and birthday wishes you sent me as a COMMENT to the previous post, ("Birthday Wishes NOT Birthday Fishes....."), the personal contact means a lot and I truly appreciate the time and effort you took.

 [ -- Damn! Damn! Damn! -- ]
  { ---  Elise...So Sorry....I accidentally deleted your comment as I was trying to remove your email from public view and I cannot undo my error. If you could please repost your comment on the same post and share your story with everyone that would be great, and anyone still struggling can see that there is hope.
(and e-mail me in private if you don't want your e-mail address to be public,
 my e-mail address is in the Header at the top of the blog page,

I would appreciate it, and again..... sorry about this.) --- }

One thing I do have to say is that while I am now clean with a quite  respectable number of years of sobriety to cushion me, I too still feel the consequences of nearly 30 years of cocaine and heroin addiction. I have never denied my part in the many and convoluted circumstances that led up to and more damagingly, have kept me being homeless for this long. While drugs themselves no longer have any 'direct' effect on my life their long term usage stripped me of my safety net and most of my family, and have left indelible and irreversible damages on mind, soul, & body. And as time goes on and many of the physical, emotional, and mental trauma has faded and lessened, I will never be totally free of their memories and scar tissue.

So I am happy you have gotten the chance to stop the destructive slide so early. All recovery is good recovery!
And I would love to meet you and your fiancee for coffee some time....write me.

Well... between my grandson, my son-in-law, and getting soaked on Tuesday, ...
I have a lovely case of chest congestion. You know the type, where the cough is known as 'productive' in medical terms.... but the mucous is so thick and heavy that with each hacking, chest wracking, (but satisfying!, cough that occurs there is an
uncontrollable and instinctive reaction to double check the chunk of phlegm, just to be sure there's not a hunk of lung attached!

Wednesday night was warm and I sat up and read until, near 2:00 am. and slept like a log...well as well as a log with prostate issues may have, only getting up once between 3 hour sessions of real solid sleep. Thursday dawned a good bit colder, and windier and Thursday night was much colder and I slept poorly. Plus I could not get my 'pillow' folded, wrapped, and rolled right, it was either hard as a rock or too damn high for my shoulder, (in which I somehow ended up with a pulled muscle in my sleep a couple/three nights ago!), and kept kinking my neck.... so I'm tired and sandy-eyed just now.

Anyway, I have been in the library Wednesday, Thursday, and I'm about to leave here soon a s it closes early on Friday.  I'm on my way to the Giant to scrounge something to eat with my last $3.00 (until tomorrow's TDAP!!!), and then to the Starbucks.
(I really need to find another laptop or a tablet soon, the weather is changing and I want to get outside more, and the craptop I have has given up the ghost at last.) 


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