Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good Afternoon;
So....another excellent essay by Joel John Roberts of Poverty Insights;


Reminds you of this doesn't it?
Inner Vision
Don't tell me about MY reality
*Don't try to delineate MY illusions
YOU have not walked in my shoes
*YOU have not lived in my skin
Where YOU see a crazy man
*Talking to himself on the bus
I see a kindred soul
*Crying out for solace to a deaf world
YOU may have some sympathy
*But you'll never understand
YOU see only the facade
*I see Insanity from the Inside
Where You see a diamond
*Sharp edged bright and beautiful
I see a house of mirrors
*Trapping me in the midst of endless reflections
So DON"T tell me about MY reality
*If I can't define it
How the Hell can YOU
*Blinded by the light of your ego


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