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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Apartment Follies...... Round Three; ........ And..... Ouch, Ouch, Ouch....."

Good Afternoon;
Well it's a 'helluva day in the neighborhood', to butcher Mr. Roger's greeting.
I feel like two bags of dead mice again, it's one of those 'perfect storm' situations when ALL my meds are out at the same time, and I can't renew until AFTER seeing the doctors again.... and the earliest appointments were a week after the meds ran out, plus I'm out of bupes and my supplier for them is in the hospital.
I see the docs on the 5th of August, if my BP doesn't explode my heart before then.

Free Advice : Don't Become; Old, Crippled And Crazy!

But tomorrow is 'check day' and I hope to find a temporary source when I head in town in the morning.
I am here at Jenn's and I have to meet with the caseworker from HABC about 2:00 pm. to get my voucher extension approved. If I can work p
ut the time factor I am going to meet the owner or agent of an apartment in Hampden that I hope to get into. They are about to begin to put in a new kitchen this week and hopefully the HABC inspection process will be able to be done as soon as that is finished, and NO OTHER fixes are needed. I am hoping for  September 1st move in date, to take advantage of another month's S.S.I. payment to put together down payments for rent and utility.

More as it develops.....


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