Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Again.... The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Turns Out To Be The Headlight Of An Oncoming, Out Of Control, Locomotive......"

Good Evening;

Well..... somehow I kind of expected this kind of shit to happen.
Just when I thought that the last of the idiocy was over, that I might actually be moving into an apt. with in a few weeks.... I get kicked in the balls by fate again. The woman in the leasing office I had an appointment with this morning, at the building I thought I was nearly cleared to enter picks up my application and the first thing she says is,

 "Oh, Dave.... you're only 57!"

.... Well yeah, with a disability determination, a voucher, and S.S.I., like the requirements state....

"Oh.. I must have missed that, we only have openings for the OVER 62 apts."

Suck my nuts!!!

Well at least I have to give her credit for trying to help after this major letdown.
The building, (and the next two mentioned also), are Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Senior and Disability Living facilities, the first one, was called Manhattan Park.
The leasing agent there called the Weinberg Place bldg. and told me to call the leasing agent there after 3:00 pm, (this was at Noon), so all afternoon my ulcer was getting a lovely workout as I tried not to build any hopes that would be shattered..... which they were because  it turns out that my voucher cannot be used in that bldg. because it is classed as "Public Housing"... which is a level below what I am eligible for!
Because these are all H.U.D.  buildings the allocation and category process for which units can go to who or which agency or what type of payment method is a bureaucratic nightmare written in stone.... No Exceptions... logical or not.

This leasing agent gave me the number of yet another building in there circle, Weinberg Manor East, (which happen to be right next door to the last place I lived with Rachel and the 'ex', before and after shit all blew up, and even after she moved out and I was squatting in the garage or the basement.... oh the crazy circles of ['cause I gotta laugh to keep from crying right now..... or slitting my wrists and calling it quits].....), and which I was not able to talk to a human but left what is probably a crazed, semi-coherent, frantic sounding voice mail, and a rather more rational e-mail immediately afterwards.... and which I have not yet received a response.... I'm hoping that it is because it was close to or after business hours.... (PLEASE!!! Be that

So.... anyway I'm about as happy as one can expect right now, and barely hanging on to what little faith or sanity I have left.

Oh, and topping it all off, I'm sleeping out on the street somewhere tonight..... and the weather is actually supposed to be fairly cool tonight....
which is again to be expected, because I only have tee shirts and shorts with me..... and no more money until the 1st of August.

Thanks for letting me bitch and moan....... lol!

Later............... Dave

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elana snyder said...

yes, this is all so sadly familiar. I have been playing this game for 20 years and I have lost hope that I will ever have a normal life. I too coul not get into the units you mentioned. hard to believe but it would b even worse if you had no family ties like myself