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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Countdown To Moving Day.................."

Good Afternoon

Well....... I got the word yesterday, 2 weeks more here at the apt./cat sitting gig and the father of my daughter's friend will be coming home from the nursing home/rehabilitation facility he had been in since getting out of the hospital after surgery back in early October.

Still no idea where I am going to "live" (comparable to the "Shed" of blessed memory, may it rot in pieces......lol) as of this moment. My son-in-law Tom stopped pat today to drop off a pair of boots I left up at Jenn's last week when I went up to watch the grandkids, and offered a few nights up there at their place to act as a buffer between here and ?????, and to be able to sort and collect and pack the things I'll be carrying around again if I do not find a 'real' place by then.

You know, I used to love stress!! I reveled in it,
 and even courted situations in which to experience it.

Not Any More!

Between the above, ...the fact that I have no health care right now and have had 2 separate incidents in the past 8 days that really should be addressed by a doctor, I'm out of all my meds, I can't get any other information from D.S.S. about my M.A. other than 'pending', and my nerves being so shot that when I got a voice mail today from someone at Social Security Disability asking simply to "please call me" I had a panic attack that ruined a perfectly delicious but not yet fully digested breakfast and then left me me with an hour's worth of dry heaves....., and various other situations and reactions that are integrally related....I'm not as fond of stress as I used to be!!

Anyway, in an unrelated matter, here is a link to a story from Poverty Insights:



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