Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Lights In The Sky Give A Little Lift To A Lonely Life......"

Good Morning;

Well....welcome to 2013 loyal readers!
2012 was a very confusing year, to say the least.
If I was to describe it in only one word....exhausting.
I'm tired and sore in mind and body.

I watched the City's wonderful fireworks display, and the ones put on from half of Canton too,
Across the street there was a group on the deck launching Japanese lanterns with candles inside, just like the ones from "Tangled" :

(Click On This Link Below)
I See The Light

They ended up with a line of a couple dozen spaced throughout the night sky for miles, to the limits of visibility of distance and height...it was so cool! And then...they started appearing from all points of the compass, because the live coverage of the Inner Harbor fireworks featured a shot and mentioned it on the air. Paper bags, plastic bags, lanterns, and balloons. There were 3 larger red and green lit one that must of been launched somewhere waaaaayyy west of the City, because by the time they started to transit downtown just North of the harbor, they were really high and still climbing!
Rachel had been over since Thursday and I took her home earlier tonight because she wanted to spend New Years Eve with her mother and sisters... but I wish she could have been here for this.   :-(

There was an especially nice mixed group from two decks over, they had some nice ordnance!, an ice sculpture drink dispenser and a big 7 foot  outdoor propane heater, and open bar). We oohed and aahhed and laughed and toasted the New Year...and various other things...repeatedly.....lol! They invited me to climb over and join them, buuuttttttttttt.... my blues wanted to be sung solo and.... all the ladies, young and old seemed to be attached to someone else, so I politely declined,  and now I'm going to bed.

I'll be back in the next day or so... but for now;

Happy New Years!!
May yours be safe, productive, and fulfilling, in all possible ways.


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