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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"...'Wait......It's The Governor' .............. 'Shut Up And Eat It' ..........'Been There - Done That,...And I'm Still Overawed!'...."

Good Morning;

Well I got word yesterday morning that I'm getting a last minute reprieve from having to hit the street on Thursday morning. It seems that Peter (the tenant I'm cat/apt. sitting for), was just a little overly optimistic about being able to come home and manage on his own. I'm not sure for how much longer I'll be here, but Lauren, (his daughter, who is one of my daughter's closest friends, and the connection to how I got here---[for those of you who tuned in late......lol]..), says the usual procedure is to notify the family of the patient one week before discharge so any preparations can be made, so I guess I'm on a week to week standby.

I guess you can imagine the gauntlet my emotions are running through just now, kicking the crap out of my already not so stable psyche. And the weather rollercoaster that we are experiencing this winter is not helping either, with the volatility it adds to an already uncertain situation.

More as it develops.

Rachel has been here since Sunday, for what I thought would be the last opportunity in a long time to spend some time together. It, as usual, has been a wonderful time. Even when we do nothing special just the chance to cook for her and experiment with new recipes and watch her reactions is great. I am lucky enough to have ingrained in her early the 'phood philosophy' of ...
"You Don't Have To Eat It, But You Do Have To Try It!" ...
Now I did the same thing with Jenn, and both of them developed an appreciation and a delight of food and creativity and the infinite variety of cuisines available to explore.

As opposed to Ed & Devin, the grandmonsters,  to whom chicken nuggets, hot dogs, & p, b, & j are like the familiar coastal waters to ancient sailors, and most everything else equates to the 'Here Be Dragons' warnings of unexplored seas on their maps....lol!

I had trained my step kids in a similar manner, to the point that one of their favorite meals became a family meme, the always interesting, rarely the same twice....
"Shut Up And Eat It" 


Just finished watching;

"The Man With The Golden Arm"
(video of INTENSE!! Theatrical trailer at link above)
Hard to believe this was 1955 when it was released, it's a powerful example of a man in the death grip embrace of heroin and the needle. Anyone who's been there can attest to the reality of the scenes of him going 'cold turkey' kicking dope. Even folks who have absolutely no clue to the irremovably entwined seduction and destruction of heroin will feel the pain and agony of an addict's love-hate relationship with both the drug and himself.
Frank Sinatra should have won the Oscar he was nominated for in his portrayal of 'Frankie Machine'.
(Although the winner that year, Ernest Borgnine, in his portrayal of 'Marty', in the movie of the same title, gave an equally moving performance.)


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