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Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Post SOMATIC Stress Disorder?..........................."

Good Afternoon;

Well.....it's Sunday afternoon and I'm here at Jenn's about to figure out the timing and logistics of when and how I am getting back in town today or early tomorrow morning. I have a doctors appointment at HCH at 9:30 am. and after that a meeting at 11:00 am. with my caseworker, Sean.  And then I'll be back there at  3:00 pm. Tuesday to see my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to review my meds.

As for where I'll be spending my nights once I get back into Baltimore....well, that's the $64,000.00 question, isn't it?

Elana, expressed it quite succinctly in her comment to the previous post;

"We are getting old, and living like this gets old"

And my addition to that would be;

"and exhausting, too!!!!!"

Which is one of the main reasons I've slacked off on writing here as often as I used to, I'm not just tired of writing about homelessness, I'm also just so damn tired recently, as if with the approval of my S.S.I. there was a rider or attachment of mandatory 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'.

Anyway, it's time to check out Craigslist, since Tom had a DJ job last night and took the MiFi wireless hotspot and I haven't checked to see if there were any new listings yesterday afternoon or evening.


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