Friday, April 5, 2013

"Re-entering The Ether .... Or .... Here I Go Again, All Tangled Up In The World Wide Web! ....."

Good Afternoon;

So........., Yes it's been a little while since my last post. It's been a combination of lack of motivation, a case of my muse(s) being either AWOL, MIA, or just LITO, (Lost In The Ozone), and not being near a computer when I DID get the urge to write.
But......... the last reason is no longer an excuse, (as long as I'm near wifi)!
I took some of the lump sum money that I've been hanging onto for a place to live and spent it on a  Notebook laptop. I was going to get a factory refurbished Chromebook from Acer, the lowest priced unit I could find, for $172.00, but then I saw that there was a NEW, $299.00, ASUS Notebook for $199.00 on clearance.....AND it uses Windows 8 and supports not just 'Apps' but programming not available on the Chromebooks, and has more offline functionality too. So I should be here a bit more often, working around the search for a room or apartment.

I'm still looking for a CHEAP short term week to week or month to month place to bridge the gap until whatever housing benefits I am eligible for come through. And both the 'what' and the 'when' in that equation are unknowns at this time

It seems like all the ads for places that looked promising when I was still waiting for funds instantly vanished as soon as I received them! I have spent no more nights on the pavement since the 14th of March, dividing my time between Jenn's and the motel. I HAVE to find a room in the next week because if I don't I will have crossed beyond the financial point of no return of having whatever 'bundle' of 'first, last &/or security deposit' is required where ever I end up.

I am actually about to call and inquire about a listing for a room here in Mt. Washington that looks promising and just within the high end of my budget.
Cross your fingers for 'first time lucky' on this lead.


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