Friday, April 20, 2012

"Catching Up & Passing Out......................."

Good Evening; you've probably noticed the posting of late has slacked off a good bit. Between just not feeling it and the damn keyboard making it feel like a chore due to some of the keys sticking half the time, and the rut I seem to have fallen into, plus the amount of time I have been spending at Jenn's due to circumstances beyond my control once I get here.....well,......meh is about it for enthusiasm.

Same goes for the Twitter gig too,and even more so. While our little blog here has morphed into a general, rambling, at times random,all encompassing conversation of my life, the tweets are supposed to be more focused on living on the streets and homeless issues. Some days I have nothing relevant to say.

And I've lost some of the pure pleasure of writing for it's own sake.
And with all that out of the way, a little catching up:

I'm back at Jenn's, arriving Wed. night for  Thursday morning monstersitting duties, and again it has been extended, first through Thursday night, then through Friday night into Saturday afternoon. Jenn picked Rachel up yesterday, (Thur.) afternoon and she is spending the night. She was able to play with Devin and Ed and we got to spend some time together too.

Jenn is still in pain from the surgery and is on another antibiotic because of either a new infection or the previous one mutating an becoming resistant. Add in a yeast infection and she is one unhappy camper.
I can relate because the lower back pain is getting to a point where it is at times overriding all other thoughts and actions.
Sleep is nothing but a mythical creation that doesn't really exist. The closest I come is when the body shuts own every few days from exhaustion.

And it is about to do that now, so....


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