Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Rain, Rain, & More Rain, Then Back On The Train......................."

Good Evening;

Well after getting back from Jenn's Saturday, I dropped Rachel off to her Mom at Mt. Washington and wandered over to the Starbucks, just in time for about 36 hours of heavy rain which kept me in the shed, (by choice & circumstance both), Saturday night and all day Sunday.
I only left the shed twice to go over to the Giant to use the commode, and get some hot water for coffee, to wash up a bit, & grab some food.
Having bout 90 minutes charge on the portable digital TV, I waited until 8:30 pm. Sunday night & watched my latest syndicated addiction, "The Big Bang Theory" reruns until 10:00 pm. Prior and subsequently I either slept or, having a large supply of AAA batteries
for my tiny but amazingly bright LED flashlight, read and finished my latest non-fiction favorite author's biographical/historical memoir "Mile Marker Zero" about Key West and it's literary residency, from Hemingway  to Tennessee Williams, and in particular the group of writers/artists/musicians who lived and played there in the decade of the '70s, from Thomas McGuane to Jimmy Buffett.
And ate and slept some more

I got up and out about Noon, hit the Giant and shaved and made coffee, and went to RiteAid to drop off prescriptions, and then stopped at the library.
I was just leaving the library on Monday afternoon when I got a text asking "where are you and how soon can you get to the Hunt Valley Light Rail terminus. 
She is in pain and feeling miserable and the latest antibiotic does not seem to be working,.....so, here I am again watching the grandmonsters in Monkton.


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