Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Beaten To Death By Biscuits................................."

Good Morning;'s off to D.S.S. to try to get my Medical Assistance, T.D.A.P., & Foodstamps reinstated. The stamps should be almost immediate, (within 10 days), but for the others I know I'll have to go to at least one doctor to get forms filled out, maybe more. First I'm stopping past the City Paper to see Evan and get an advance on the column that will be in next Wednesday's issue (Nov. 14th).
I think I'll stop by the Starbucks and say hello while I'm out, and definitely the grocery store.
Jenn had sent me down a small 'care package' and my heavy sweatshirts with Tom on Tuesday. He just happened to have an electrical job pop up at one of the condominiums here in Canton and stopped by the apartment to drop off the package when he was done.  A jar of peanut butter, a couple packs of cheese and peanut butter snack crackers, a can of tuna, and a box of whole grain Angel Hair pasta and a jar of sauce, (and it's a good thing I like pasta). I've been living on that and my own 'Scavenger Hunt Bisquick Creations' ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, as first optional, 'add in' ingredients disappeared, then necessary ingredients, requiring substitution and then 'creative modification'.....and 90% of the time....It Works!! It's that last 10 % that produces 'objects' not only disallowed by the Geneva Convention as food for P.O.W.s, but also prohibited as biological/chemical weapons in most civilized countries! Most importantly she threw in a handful of various fun size/snack size Halloween candies---- CHOCOLATE!!!!...Mmmmmmmmmm!

I was going to go to D.S.S. yesterday, but after waiting in the cold, (it may not have been freezing, but it was damp and nasty), close to 2 hours for a bus that never showed I said 'screw this' and came back inside. It's pretty windy today, and cool, but the sun is shining and that's a nice change from the dreary grayness of the past few days.

I'm outta here for now, more when I get back.

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