Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Ladies Days...And Nights, .........Rachel, Jenn, Devin, & Fiona ............. And Ms. Tucker Too!....................."

Good Evening;
Well.....I'm back in Canton in the apartment I'm cat sitting at for my daughter's friend's father. Rachel spent the weekend and we had a lovely time just being together on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday afternoon we took the bus and the train back to Mt. Washington where her mother picked her up and I met my son-in-law Tom and we went back to Jenn's place in the country. I watched the grandmonsters Monday night while Jenn and Tom went to her homegroup where she celebrated 9 years. Way to go, Jenn, I'm really proud of you!

I only saw my grandson Ed about 8 times the whole evening including feeding the kids dinner and getting ready for bedtime, he was deeply involved in some type of secret, 7 year old boy, mysterious personal business involving watching Harry Potter and maps and drawings. Devin my 4 year old grand daughter spent the evening watching Modern Marvels and drawing and coloring. She has got to be one of the happiest little girls around, everyone in her pictures from Santa, to Rudolph, to her family...her Immediate Family, as I was told when asked why I was not in that picture, which consisted of; Jenn, Tom, Ed, her, 5 cats and 2 dogs! All with huge eyeball to eyeball u shaped smiles.......lol! When Rachel and Devin get together to play, reality and probability play second fiddle to creativity! Edward is also incredibly creative, but 3/4 of the total playtime is devoted to having him explain his brilliant but unbelievably convoluted rules and regulations....either a career mid-level government bureaucrat.....or......a quantum physicist in the making..lol!

Tom brought me back here this morning after taking Ed to school as he had an electrical job in Highlandtown to finish. Zorro, (das kat!), was thrilled to see me and went into lonely kitten mode for about an hour's worth of petting and scratching, then reverted to 'fat grumpy old cat' aloof mode.
The rest of the day uneventful, except for a visit by Lauren to drop off cat food and cat litter.

Thursday morning I have appointments with Sean and Margaret, my mental health and S.S.A. caseworkers at H.C.H. (Health Care for the Homeless). I had received an e-mail this morning from Margaret asking "if I had time to meet with her before my appointment", which kind of came as a surprise to me as I cannot remember making an appointment with Sean last time I was there. I e-mailed him asking if we had made an appointment and he told me we had for this Thursday the 29th. The short term memory loss is progressing from an occasionally humorous case of C.R.S. (Can't Remember Sh*t) to something that is beginning to worry me a bit...[when I can remember why and what I'm worried about :) ]!

In other news......
I made it to JAI and saw Dr. Richardson on Monday the 19th to get the D.S.S. medical information form 500 filled out for the renewal of my Medical Assistance & T.D.A.P. money. I then went to D.S.S. immediately afterwards where they scanned it into the computer right in front of me and gave me a receipt, (another new system, that is supposed to reduce errors and lost paperwork).
RIGHT!!!.......Yesterday, Monday the 26th around 3:00 pm I get a phone call from a Ms. Tucker (of ?DHR? or whichever office/department of the State of Maryland processes the applications) as I 'm trying to leave the apartment here in Canton to get my daughter Rachel back to her mother and then catch the train to Hunt Valley to meet my son-in-law who was picking me up to go out to his and my older daughter Jenn's house where I'd be babysitting the grandkids while they went to Jenn's homegroup so she could celebrate her 9 year anniversary.

Ms. Tucker informed me that the geniuses at D.S.S. only scanned one side of the double sided medical form and she needed a copy because it contained the date's my disability is projected to last, (which is always 1 year, each recertification, who knows why). I told her I would be back in town later today Tuesday and that I could get to D.S.S. on Wednesday to have them scan in the back page. A few minutes later she calls back and asks if I have a family member or representative who would be able to claim my cash assistance be cause the "Is Substance Abuse Present" box is checked yes! After explaining, (with increasingly frustrated desperation) that NO!!, it is NOT a current issue, but one in the distant past, she tells me she needs the doctor to sign off on this. And I again said I could not deal with it until Wednesday. A few minutes later my phone rings, again, (eating up my last 12 minutes bit by bit), and asks me if I have the name and phone number of the doctor, which I gave her. She then asked if I could call the doctor and have her call to verify the information. I explained that I could not get through to the doctor, but that as an official of the State she had a better chance of actually speaking to her. I called JAI to try to speak to the doctor or her voice mail but was forced to leave a message with the receptionist about the incoming call  and the problems with the form 500. As I hung up and was walking out the door Ms. Tucker called and said she talked to the doctor and I did not have to go to D.S.S. to rescan the form, or the doctor to get the corrections made, and that she was processing my form right then. Wonderful, I thanked her and finally hit the road.

Now the kicker......About 6:30 PM. at Jenn's I get a call from Dr. Richardson asking what I wanted to speak to her about, I asked if she had spoken to Ms. Tucker and told her about the form and she said she had not spoken to her!? So I don't know WTF is going on with the M.A. & T.D.A.P. as of right now, and the number that she was calling from, is always busy when I've called all day today. I'm hoping that shortly after Midnight on Saturday night, (which will then be Dec. 2nd., the day of the month my T.D.A.P. benefits show up), when I begin calling the 1-800 # for the balance on my Independence Card,
I will be pleasantly surprised, and can then send off the e-mail I have in my Drafts Folder to Ms. Tucker's superiors praising and commending her on the extra effort  and the series of informational and follow-up phone calls she made to me on Monday,--half a dozen in 20 minutes, and the time and energy she exerted above and beyond the normal level of most typical employees at D.S.S. or D.H.& M.H. I have encountered.

Anyway, it's bedtime....which is just weird because it's not even 11:00 pm. yet, my sleep deficit is on the negative side because last night at Jenn's I fell asleep in the recliner watching TV, Before arranging pillows behind my back and neck to attain a semblance of support. Of course I woke up at 'zero dark thirty' cold and stiff. When I did get things leveled out and got back to sleep, a short time after that Jenn came down to the kitchen and was getting Ed's lunch made and breakfast for him and Devin. Also their new dog, a rescue dog from the pound that Tom got for her as a present for her 9th Anniversary, came up to me as I was sleeping and sniffed my face.The dog is an American Bulldog, standing about 2 & 1/2 feet tall at the head, which she of course plops straight on me as I was fully reclined, placing her droopy slobbering, drooling jowls on my face.....yeeeecchhhh!!!
The dog is skinny, bony, with ribs showing, and was seemingly maltreated and malnourished, but she is still a friendly, to say the least, creature. Ugly as sin, she is named Fiona after the ogre/princess in Shrek...beautiful on the inside. The dog should weigh about 75 lbs +/- and right now is probably 40 - 50 lbs., but still a big dog with long legs and huge feet.....and the single minded idea that she is a lap dog.....lol! It is hilarious to see her clamber up on the other recliner on top of Jenn. She is a scaredy-cat and a lover-not-a-fighter at the same time too....lol.

But I'm babbling...........

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