Sunday, November 11, 2012

"We Sleep Soundly In Our Beds Because Rough Men Stand Ready In The Night To Visit Violence On Those Who Would Do Us Harm." – Winston Churchill

Good Afternoon;

So......It's Veterans Day, please take a minute to stop and remember the men and women who through their service and courage fought to allow us to keeps the freedoms we hold dear. Some gave the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives, others lost limbs, sight, & hearing, some came home paralyzed, others in wheelchairs. Yet their are also those who bear no physical scars but the mental and emotional damage was visible in their words and actions. These wounded warriors had at least the opportunity to address their issues, but what about those whose damage did not show, who repressed or internalized the pain, until months or years later something triggered years of pent up fear/anger/rage/pain, or those whose mental anguish lay invisible just below the surface unknowingly affecting their every thought, reaction, or relationship with family, friends, lovers, coworkers? Those whose demons drove them to alcohol, drugs, or the edge of insanity, the only way to shut off the memories of death, destruction, loss, and gore? Vivid flashbacks in a never ending loop.
Some of these men and women have been able to reach out and ask for help, others identified through their interactions with police, EMTs, and/or hospital personnel have been rescued. But there are still too many of our fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, daughters, and yes even mothers lost and missing in action, not in the jungles or deserts of a foreign land, but in the wastelands of their own minds wandering the concrete canyons and asphalt jungles of our towns and cities.

Here is a link to an essay by Joel John Roberts from the 'Poverty Insights' site:

And another to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans:

with information on ways to help or donate.

To any and all reading this who served in the military in any and all capacities;
Thank You!


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