Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"After Fevered Dreams And Primal Screams.....Hopefully Tonight I'll Just Pass Out From Exhaustion!..............."

Good Evening;

Well..... I'm back from 3 nights and 2 days up in the country at Jenn's and back to the library. My grandson Edward graciously shared his 24 hour stomach bug with me and Monday was a real crappy day, spent mostly curled up under a blanket with the chills.
Thanks to a combination of Immodium and Buprenorphine I escaped the usual explosive side effects at both ends related to an intestinal upset, suffering only headche, dizzyness, and some cramps. Sleep was not a longterm item either, broken by some strange and some even stranger fever dreams.

It looks to be mild tonight and tomorrow morning with temperatures ranging from the highof 47 now to a low of 33, but dry, so 'camping under the stars/streetlights' is not THAT much of an issue.
 But then the rain starts about noon and has the potential to change to snow at dark Wednesday through to the early morning hours of Thursday. The big question is whether it will be windy!? If not I can deal with it under the overhang, if yes.... who knows where I'll be sleeping tomorrow night.

See you tomorrow........


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