Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Another Night In Paradise.............."

Good Evening;

So....After a dry day at the library......
A wet night has begun, it's rain mixed with snow at the moment, and about 35 degrees. The sidewalk outside the library is dry enough in my sleeping corner so that the cardboard I already have will suffice as ground cover/insulation/mattress. The extra cardboard I snagged today can be used as a windbreak, or an awning or tent like structure if it starts getting windy and blowing the precipitation inward. The low temp. is not supposed to drop below 31 degrees so cold is not a major issue tonight. I just wish their was someplace really close to hangout for a while after the library closes at 9:00 pm., (and 5:00 pm. on Fri. Sat. & Sun.!!!), lugging my bedding and baggage is a bitch.

There is nothing exciting to mention, other than my meeting on Friday at 1:00 pm. with my mental health caseworker at HCH, I'm hoping I can stash at least one bag somewhere for a few hours to avoid dragging both on the bus, especially as I'll be coming back during school letting-out hours and or rush hour.


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Amanda Wilson said...

Hi Dave, I just read your post in the City Paper. I thi nk it is great what your doing. You are putting a name and a face to the uglier side of the city. Hopefully this will open some eyes of the more important people who have the ability to change some conditions, for lack of a better term, of tue welfare system in the city and county. Having been homeless myself for 6 months last year, and now
back in the same position, I can totally relate to everything ive read..... Thank You for using your time wisely and "Putting it out there"..... Mandy....