Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Out Of Practice Sleeping Out On The Street........."

Good Morning;

Well, here I am in the library again, on the public computer, (Anyone disposing of a working laptop out there?? Even if the battery is shot, as long as it has a working power cord and a wifi card, it's good enough for me!).

It was cold last night, more so than I expected and it took a lot of rearranging to get and stay warm. I'm out of practice and I also traded higher efficiency for less bulkiness in my choice of sleeping bag to carry. Tonight I am going to try the 'Human Burrito" method of combining quilt and fleece blanket interleaved and wrapped under and over the sleeping bag. The big drawback is getting in and out to pee the 2 or 3 times a night that has been occurring with increasing regularity. (I think I really need to switch ALL my medical care to H.C.H. soon no matter where the M.A. situation is at. What I have been assuming has just been an aging prostate and an inevitable fact of nature has been pointed out to me, in combination with some other apparent symptoms, could be a sign of diabetes or it's precursors. Which, with my past history and recent medical luck.....would not surprise me.
'Whatever doesn't kill you-- makes you stronger' ?
Not always, sometimes, just DOESN'T kill you!!

Anyway, it's time for coffee and I just got a voice mail from my S.S.D.A. I need to check....


Oh...just F.Y.I. ;
Health Care for the Homeless
Medical Assistance
Social Security Disability Administrator

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