Saturday, February 9, 2013

" Blowin' In The Wind..... Wind In The Willows..... High Wind To Jamaica..... Dust In The Wind..... ??????? ALL Of The Above!!!!!

Good Afternoon;

So.... I damn near had to drive stakes into the pavement and lash myself and all my bedding down last night! After riding the subway for few hours after the library closed at 5:30 pm. yesterday I went and began to layout my sleeping gear about 10:00 pm. I grabbed a few more big, thick boxes to add to my mattress and ended up using the largest and heaviest one as a wind screen between the pillar and the wall in the corner of the sidewalk under the overhang of the library. One side anchored by the heavy mesh garbage can against the brick pillar and the other between the wall and the phone booth, with a milk crate and traffic cone wedging it into place and keeping the center from ballooning inwards. I was blocled by the corner of the building on 2 sides, the cardboard wall on the 2nd short side of the rectangle and I used my bag as a low level block extending down from my head to just past my shoulders. Once I got in the bag and folded and wrapped the quilt and the other half of the blanket over me, and snugged the sleeping bag tight around my neck I was almost too warm, and the excess blanket and quilt acted as a hood to keep the blowing dirt, dust, leaves, powdered road salt and other detritus from my eyes and!

Today I have been in the library all day and this eveing tom is picking me up, somewhere in Pikesville, ?????, once the library closes, ??????, on his way home from Anne Arundel County, and I'll be at Jenn's so I can watch the grandmonsters tomorrow while they are out.

That's about it for now.....


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