Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Bedtime For Bonzo......."

Good Evening;

This did not get published last night because the computers shut down as I hit the enter key.

So.... here we go again! I am at the Pikesville Library just about 30 minutes away from the first night I have spent outside since October 12th 2012. That means it's been 115 days since I last slept here at the library. It is actually warmer tonight than it was the last night I was here, but not as dry as it was then, with a damp haze and occasional fits and starts of very light rain and snow flurries just now. Temps are in the low 30s and humidity is at 87%. The next couple days look to be mild, around 40 for the high and from 26 tomorrow to 36 on Thursday for the lows, (that's in degrees F for the International!). Friday...that's another story....not too cold, but it may 'rain like a bitch', and that sets up a set of major issues regarding lack of shelter. Between a cardboard mattress and my sleeping bag, quilt and king size fleece heavy duty blanket...., cold down to about 20 is bearable. Precipitation and especially storm driven windswept forms of liquid or frozen hell... "Bite The Big One!"

It's closing time so, see you in the morning, unless a good samaritan comes by and offers a place to crash.....hint hint......LOL!


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