Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Auld Lang Syne....................."

Good Afternoon;

So...I made it to my HCH appointment with my mental health/housing caseworker and was told all the paperwork was done and sent in with all the "i"s crossed and "t"s dotted to the housing agency, and now we are waiting for an interview date. Still not letting my hopes take flight though.....too may experiences as a 'clay pigeon at an expectations skeet shoot' to put much credence in anyone's...."soon, very soon now!" talk.

While I was at HCH I ran into my S.S.A. caseworker and also the Speakers Bureau Coordinator, who is also involved with the fledgling 'Word On The Street' (W.O.T.S.) street newspaper (and blog) distributed by homeless folks who get to keep 75% (?) of the sale price. She had some release forms for me to sign for a couple of my poems being published in the next 2 (Quarterly) issues.  I also ran into her at the Starbucks at Mt. Washington over the weekend/Monday as well as Jeff Singer the retired Director of HCH who helped me get in contact with the caseworkers and counselors I so desperately needed but could not access due to the debilitating anxiety that I could not get past to 'cold call' as a walk-in with no previous contact or introductions.

It seemed to be '
old home week' at the library, Giant, & coffee shop from Friday to Monday as I ran into all kinds of people I had not seen in months, and in some cases a couple years, who have aided me on this journey to get assistance. I had not realized how much I missed actual human companionship and conversation when I was at the cat sitting gig, too much talking to the TV......LOL!!

I dodged a bullet twice as regards precipitation this week, and only once had to truly feel a touch of cold while bundled up in the bag and blankets. Sunday Night Was COLD and Windy!!!

Today Tom is picking me up here at the library this afternoon, then we are grabbing Rachel and heading out to Jenn's where I am watching the grandmonsters tonight while jenn and Tom go to a meeting Jenn is chairing. Rachel will get a chance to play with Ed this afternoon and Devin while Ed is in school tomorrow.

I think(!?) there will be a new column in the City Paper in Wednesdays edition, more as I find out.

And winter is on the downswing......let's hope the Grouindhog was right this year!!!


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feel free to go to my blog, and enter into the search engine "health care for the homeless" if you wish!