Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Still Good Folks Doing Random Acts Of Kindness......."

Good Afternoon;

So....I HAVE to get a WORKING laptop...I'm out of time here with 3 minutes left and I still have hours more to do...shit...shit...shit...!

 Quickly....A bit of renewed faith in the innate goodness of people.
A reader of the blog sent me $5.00 via PayPal... (now I have to figure out how to set up an account without a bank account or a credit/debit card...[and cannot use 'reloadable' types -- doesn't that kind of defeat some of the purpose of the system?])...out of the blue and was apolgizing because it was all she could afford. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude at just the act itself and the love and compassion she showed me, that the amount 'makes no nevermind', (as an old hillbilly friend of mine used to say when the alcohol and homesickness for West By God Virginia caused her carefully cultivated Ivy League accent to slur and slip

Thanks Cynthia, and I'll be in touch real soon. an extra 30 minutes from the I can continue this post at least....

The Second event last night/early this morning occurred a little after Midnight when Corporal Tyler of the Maryland State Police, on duty at the Executive HQ building & compound next to the library, was starting his shift and making a security loop around the exterior. He crossed the parking lot to the sidewalk under the overhang where I was just falling asleep and I heard someone calling "Sir..Sir...Sir... Are you Okay?". I clawed my way awake and we spoke for a while and he inquired if I had eaten, and did I need any hot food and offered to get me something, and was I warm enough. Well as you all, (and the scale), know food is usally not an issue, and it was not then. He told me if I needed anything in an emergency situation or urgent help of any nature to just come across to the HQ building and ask.

In the many years I have been in and around the library in Pikesville, either using the WiFi late at night, watching my little TV in the predawn darkness, reading under the steet lamp, or sleeping on the pavement or benches, this is the first time a Trooper has actually walked over and inquired as to my well being. While reading on the bench by the library entrance, one oficer has on occasion nodded or said hello in passing as he walked by, 6 feet away, but this is the only time anyone has actually engaged me in any dialogue.
Thank You Cpl. Tyler for adding to the "Good Cop" scoreboard...

And time is up again......

(Friday morning is the physical exam at the doctor for, I'll be back maybe tomorrow afternoon, maybe Saturday, from here at the Library....or Jenn's)


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