Monday, February 4, 2013

"Super Bowl, Super Stressed................Win One, Lose One.......As Long As There Is No Sudden Death Overtime!..............."

Good Afternoon;

Well...., it's an oldie but a goodie, but always appropriate.....

So..."how 'bout dem Ravens, hon?"!
Edge of my seat, stomach churning, hands shaking, nerves a mess
(..and hell, that wasn't even the excitement over the Superbowl!
This was from the combination of the weather report..[3 more 'Alberta Clippers' due in from Canada in the next week, bringing the infamous and dreaded 'Canadian Lows', with 2 of them also having the chance of of them tonight..maybe not a lot, but add in the following  > ]..the fact that as of tonight I am leaving Jenn's after a 4 night 'transitional period' between the apartment I was cat/apt. sitting in from October 12th to January 31st, 3 & 1/2 months of needed respite from the street, and.....the gnawing, worrying, soul consuming anxiety of having found absolutely no place to go, other than on the sidewalk under the overhang covering part of the parking lot of a local library branch, and having nowhere to stash my, way to much and bulky to carry, heavy winter sleeping gear in the morning.
Now you can add in the emotional twists and turns from a typical Baltimore..
"It ain't pretty, and we damn near didn't.... but WE DID!", ugly ass Superbowl victory.
(P.S. - Screw you , to all the network commentators, who can't give the Ravens credit, for anything...ever!............Ha!)!

Yeah, I'm a bit slap happy and well past the point of the gut wrenching, dry heaving, 'what the hell to do' anxiety of last night right now, into the.. sleep deprived, artficially calm, sense of fatalistic 'wtf' that can come over one when that last straw has slipped from your grasp, and it's either find some sort of sick, black humor in a situation....or die. laptop is shot, (this is Tom's), so it will be the weather, the library, and hopefully finding the desire to make the effort to write something that will determine when I'll be back again.

As always, if anyone knows of someone with a need for apt/house/pet sitting, or who has a spare room, shed, empty house or store they are willing to  share, or if you hear of an 'abandominium' in a discreet location, etc... etc...
call/write/text me!

And just FYI I had a psych. eval. (I think the technical diagnosis was "Nuckin' Futz"), at H.C.H. this past Wednesday, and on Friday Feb. 8th I have a physical exam. with a doctor from D.D.S. and hopefull some progress will soon be apparent on both the S.S.I. front and the housing front, according to both my mental health counselor/coordinator and S.S.A. facilitator/advocate at H.CH.
(Of course "soon" is a relative term when dealing with agencies and bureaucracies, where 'tomorrow' often equates to 'six months from yesterday'.

Later............[unless hypothermia comes to visit first]........................Dave

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