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Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Family Ties & 'Unties'................"

Good Afternoon;

 So...last night I was up until 3:30 am. not sleeping, falling asleep every time I tried to do anything like read or write..(I had exhausted the battery on the tv by this time)..but as soon as I turned off the flashlight and lay down....'BING'--Awake!
I woke up about  6:30 am. to shut up the bladder and kidneys and took morning meds and fell back into an intermittent sleep until 10:00 am. when I got up and got ready to leave the shed for the Giant. ....until I did my usual precautionary surveillance 'peep' & saw the cop car hiding in the corner of the parking lot behind the lodge building, and pointing right at the door of the shed. Working within the parameters of my philosophy.."Avoiding contact avoids confrontation", I went and sat back down, checking every 10 minutes or so until 10:40 am. when the cop finally took off and slipped out, locked up, and headed over to the Giant to wash up and make coffee and buy food for today. Whether it was a doughnut break, or a power nap, that was one patrol car not in service for a significant chunk of time.

After the Giant I headed to the bus stop to begin the journey over here to the coffee shop, with a minor detour to see what the commotion was over at the library, which I knew was  now closed on Sundays until October
. It was a marauding gang of mostly white, mostly Jewish, senior citizens with their 'chopped' walkers, and hot rod wheelchairs and customized canes milling around terrorizing the populace trying to return books in the after-hours depository while waiting for the door to open at 1:15 pm. so they could make a mad..(slow motion)..rush for the Senior Center's wine and cheese (and Geritol) social.
I heard my name called and it was my cousin Harriet, who is not only a volunteer at the center, but now officially a member..lol.
We talked for a few minutes and penciled in plans to go to lunch in June.
This is only about the 8th time we've ever met since she found me at the library in March of 2010. 
(Which is more times than I've seen or had contact with my mother or two sisters in...???....14 years for one sister, maybe twice in 10 years for the other sister, and 4 times in 14 years for my mother.....obviously I on't come from a close knit family, it's been decades since I've seen any of the extended family.
That's why I spend as much time as I can with the grandmonsters, and see Rachel whenever I can and make an attempt to talk to her every night.

I made it to the Starbucks about 2:00 pm. and here I sit, it's been a lazy day
and I'm about to shut down the laptop, eat dinner and roll out to the bus...unless John offers me a ride again. Hopefully I can get to sleep early, I have to meet Jenn at the Light Rail stop sometime tomorrow afternoon, so she can take me back to the house to monster sit Monday night and Tuesday morning.....and some other dates in the next 2 weeks before, during, and after Devin' hospital visit for tonsil and adenoid surgery, that I can't remember. I want to get past JAI if I can to have blood taken, and sometime before the 23rd I have to get to their Monument St. location to see someone, about something....(vague enough for you......lol!).


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