Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother.........."

Happy Mothers Day to all you ladies who are afflicted with children. Also... Happy 8th Birthday to Rachel.

So.... I was up at the ungodly early hour of 5:12 am. for no reason at all. I was able to get back to sleep about 7:00 am. for an hour and 3/4 and finally got up at 10 minutes to 9:00 am.
My back and left hip ache and my eyes feel like they are full of sand and the inside of my mouth tastes like ass!, 
(And not the nice clean sexy kinky 'What are you doing, No-N0-yesYesYES, ohhhhhhhh, Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' drive her wild kind of ass either!).

Even though escaping the craziness that had built up last week and had reached it's peak on Friday night after Devin was home from her surgery, was a big relief.....
And hard as it may seem to some, but getting back to my own private little, leaky, condemned, "Unfit For Human Habitation", hole in the wall shed I call
home brought with it an undeniable sense of peace, relaxation, and serenity.
(As well as it's own no less stressful, 
yet well worn and more familiar set of issues.)....
Excess and residual stress symptoms and allergy symptoms merged with all the 'normal stressors' to kick my ass. 10 hours later I still feel like I've been 'rode hard and put away wet'!

I spoke with Rachel on the phone this morning to wish her a Happy Birthday, she is going over to her maternal grandmother's for a BBQ and a dual celebration with her sister whose b-day was the 8th. I'll see her later this week for at least lunch and if I can find the cash, a "Dollar Store Crawl" for multiple presents...(her choice, rather than 1 or 2 larger ones).

I was in contact with Jenn this morning too. Devin still won't eat or drink anything, it all 'feels' weird still, and puked all over Jenn's bed last night. Which is from the meds and/or 'drainage', poor little girl. Tom had to go out for Tylenol suppositories at Midnight, ending up going all the way to Towson to get them....from Monkton.

So everything is relative when it comes to personal misery, at least I can understand mine, can verbalize it, and have more of a choice how I act (or act out).

Another hour and a half here, then back to Pikesville and the shed, and hopefully some uninterrupted sleep.


24 more until 25,000!

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