Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Shelter But Not 'Shelter'.........................."

Good Afternoon;

Well I'm here at the Starbucks in Mt. Washington again and the WiFi is working today, unlike yesterday.
Not really a whole lot new this week, other than the 80+ degree weather today and yesterday and the humidity. The shed is steadily deteriorating and drips have become streams when it rains, luckily still below my sleep area. The need to find alternate shelter that is as safe, secure, and secluded, (and for all it's middle of a buy commercial area placement, it has been a "hidden in plain sight deal "), as the shed. I have too much stuff to carry day. Nothing valuable, but necessary all the same, ie. sleeping bags and blankets, clothing, fan, lantern....etc.

So far no luck in either legitimate housing or a hideaway.
Oh, and by the way  did anyone see last (Tuesday) nights newscast? Specifically the story on the thefts of copper downspouting and the resulting police standoff?
On the grounds of the Baltimore County's Westside homeless shelter facility, by at least one resident of said shelter! thanks I'll sleep on the streets somewhere.

My granddaughter Devin is doing better in her recovery from tonsil surgery, and is now more into her Diva persona, than actual pain and

Yesterday and last night and to a lesser extent today, I hurt all over, for no known reason, a deep through the muscle, past the nerves, own to the bone ache that made it hard to even move. Stairs were there own special hell.

I'm out of here for now, maybe before closing I'll have some deep meaningful revelations to


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