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Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Score Another Point For Compassion And Generosity.................."

Good Evening;

So...I'm on the bus heading over to the coffee shop and talking with the driver who is acquainted with my situation and familiar with the family dynamics between my daughter's and me. I was telling him about how I had sat out last night until almost 2:00 am. watching tv behind the library with the portable plugged in (and using only just about a foot and a half of my thick heavy duty 50 foot extension cord so I could set the tv on the picnic table.....lol!) because the shed was so hot. And about my shopping trip to the Giant that morning tying to figure out how to make $3.38 last for 4 meals, (a one dollar pkg. of hamburger rolls, a $1.59 pkg. of 4 "veal" patties, and a $0.50 cup of yogurt .... $0.29 left over). Also how the shed is still there, 2 months after I was told it was supposed to be demolished.

There was a woman who is a regular rider on that route, I think she works at the Shopper's supermarket in Greenspring Shopping center, who also knows the driver. I did not realize she had been monitoring the conversation until just as she was getting off the bus when she put something into my bag, saying, "I think this is yours" and headed off the bus. I looked and it was a $20.00 bill! WOW!
Besides needing the cash, the very act was a boost to my spirits, reaffirming and reinforcing my (recently battered and diminishing) faith in the innate goodness and decency of most of humanity.

Gotta go closing time....but see you tomorrow.


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