Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Please Sir..'I'll Have Another'...Day Like This..........."

Good Evening;
Well, today was a good day, (except for waking up at 6:55 am. on a day when I set the alarm for 11:00 am., I fell back asleep about 8:00 am. and woke up for good at 9:00 am.), going into the Giant to wash, shave, make coffee, and get Rachel some of her birthday presents...(A Princess Barbie, [by a stroke of good luck on a clearance sale], a Tinkerbell play/place-mat, and a few candies and 'dollar aisle' items).  I then left and met Rachel, her mother and her boyfriend at the library. They dropped Rachel & I off at the Starbucks here in Mt.Washington on their way home.

We had a Sushi and Fancy Cupcake lunch, and she was given a Strawberry Frappuchino by the barristas for her birthday. Between the computer and running around outside we had a lovely time.

 After watching the Preakness ,(WHAT a great finish!!!!...'I'll Have Another by a neck over 'Bodemeister'.....again!!!), she was picked up and went home and I'm about to pack it up also and head over to the bus stop.The traffic should be sane by now....I hope!


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