Friday, May 11, 2012

"No, I Was Not On Vacation The Past Week!..................."

Good Evening;'s been almost a week since my last post. I've been up here at Jenn's since Monday afternoon on monstersitting duty, scheduled this time. Between Devin's pre-op doctors visits for her tonsillectomy today, and Tom's visit to the opthamologist, and his and Jenn's homegroup meetings, and the heavy rains making for a common sense decision not to drive all the way in and then come back again the next evening, and then both of them having to be in different places on either side of the county when Edward gets off the bus...etc., etc., I've been here all week, and it's been a bit hectic at best.

Then there are the times like today when the dysfuntionality in this house is coming at me from all sides..
(A 4 yr. old who just came home from having an operation and is crying is rated below an "adult's" need to watch television!?)
....and all I can do is keep my mouth shut, and I am even limited here in what I feel I can say, now that certain people within their circles read this blog. There is enough tension and friction here as it is, and it's not like it was at their previous apartment by the Plaza Metro station...3 different buses and a train within walking distance if things became too uncomfortable .... on either side. Now it's a 20 minute ride to the rail head....much of it on roads that make me nervous enough when riding with either of them when they are not driving while near the point of emotional explosion.

Anyway, Devin went in for her operation to "fix my throat" as she puts it, (she's 4), and they left here around 8:30 am. I got a text just before 4:00 pm. saying they were on their way home to Monkton, having just left Johns Hopkins Hospital, and reminding me to pick up Ed at the school bus stop. 30 minutes later, 15 minutes after the bus was due to drop Ed off, Tom calls to tell me that they are just passing Central Booking downtown...AND...that the bus had been in an 'incident', having turned too sharply onto York Rd. in Sparks and clipping a sign post and losing a mirror, and was waiting for the police to arrive for a mandatory report to be filed. Well I walked back up the street to their house, grabbed a chair, a book, and the smart phone and went back to the bus stop, where I ended up waiting another 45 minutes before the bus showed up.....and Ed gets off looking like he was near tears. I was able to get it out of him that a 3rd grader had been bullying him, (Again! this was supposed to have been dealt with by the school), punching and biting him this time. (And there was a substitute bus driver who was not filled in on behavioral issues.) [I would have been sent to school on Monday with a brick in my bookbag, with strict and definite instructions to "apply directly to source of irritation if biting re-occurs"......]
Jenn & Tom came home with Devin about 45 minutes later, via Burger King with carry out for Ed and I.....(and damn it was good, and damn if my system didn't show my why it's called-- 'fast food'

Okay, I'm done here tonight, I should be back at the coffee shop tomorrow and at the shed Saturday & Sunday nights, then back here Monday night because of Jenn's meeting and Tom's school. After that...who knows?

Sunday is Rachel's 8th birthday, and I've had no luck raising any cash, (yet...hopefully!), I'm trying to trade some grocery credits for cash.


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