Monday, December 15, 2008


To: ashwedn7.........especially when it arrives unexpectedly, unsolicited, and unconditionally... Hell, even though I try to be a cynic, I'm a sucker for an "Oprah Moment" in my "Jerry Springer" life!
I Admit to being an incurable, unrepentant Romantic and a constantly relapsing, recovering Idealist. Every time reality kicks me in the face and leaves me lying in the gutter, swearing NEVER to believe in anything or anyone or any altruistic motives at comes the FAITH FAIRY, sprinkling me with her magic "HOPE DUST" and restoring my belief in the general goodness of humanity, (or at least in the basic premise that most of the population this city are driven to their acts of random stupidity by apathy and ignorance, rather than evil). {Hey...I said Idealist and Romantic..NOT...Idiot and Retard} So the 25% of those who are truly cruel and selfish and the 25% of those who are truly kind and selfless are balanced by the 50% who are just clueless. There's that cynicism raising it's ugly head again...LOL. ( I'm playing with the palette today...can you tell...Ha!) Anyway, I borrowed a portable battery operated DVD player and some discs from my ex and my daughter this weekend, 'JUNO', '27 DRESSES',
Monty Python's 'THE HOLY GRAIL', and a collection of cartoons from the 1930's 'TOONERVILLE TROLLEY'. (Teen Romantic mush, Romantic mush, Brit Wit, and CLASSIC!!!! Animation) Plus the Raven's and the Steeler's game on the radio...I Laughed, I cried, I damn near had a Heart Attack and Soiled My Shorts!...All Things Considered [to steal a phrase from NPR] 'twas an interesting week... Kindness,Insanity,Drama,Comedy,Generosity,Nail Biting Anxiety, and a lot of "caffeine induced introspective philosophical analytical sleep deprivation therapy"....aka...."productive insomnia"..HA! I'm going now...maybe more ramblings this evening...........Dave

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