Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Close Encounters Of The Law Enforcement Kind ...............OR............ Guilty Of Being Innocent............."

Good Morning;
So.....I'm sitting here behind the library watching the movie "Chicago" on
the portable digital  TV, and a Baltimore County Police car pulls up and the officer walks up and looks around at the TV and laptop plugged in and the
magnetic antenna stuck on the upright of the awning. He asks the usual questions one would expect, basically;
What's up, what are you doing, who are you, etc. All quite polite and non-aggressive, and of course asks for ID, which I give him. I am only having the normal panic attack one gets when one sees the "Oh Shit" lights in the rear view mirror. Then 2 other Police cars pull up...


("Now THREE cops are here...think I'M FUCKED")
and for NO REASON AT ALL! .......LOL!!!!!!!!!
Old habits and reactions die hard I guess!

The other 2 officers left in their cars and Officer Ransom(e?) and I chat for a few minutes, he mentions that he's never seen me before. I reply with a comment that a low profile and not doing anything illegal or unlawful or annoying is how I like to live. We did the "do you know" game about some of the other people here on the street in the Pikesville area, and then he took off too.
A very polite, professional, and pleasant young man and except for the excess adrenaline boiling in my stomach, a not unpleasant encounter......lol.

I think I'm going to go see if the shed has cooled off enough to lay down in.
("Chicago" is ending and it's starting to drizzle.... And there is a good possibility
that there may be a thunderstorm, according to The Weather Channel)


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