Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Steam Pressure......Or Now I Understand Why There Are Emergency Relief Valves!!!!........"

Good Afternoon;
Well...I'm here at the Starbucks in Mt. Washington and I'm learning the literal meaning of "hot under the collar". The A/C here is not, (and here's a phrase that I have heard way too much of in my life...[and yeah, pride would have me deny it, but honesty/openmindedness/willingness, humility, and a buttload of guilt force me to acknowledge the painful truth of the concept...
"if the foo shits--wear it" ]!)..."living up to it's potential"! The thermometer inside was reading 82 degrees, but behind the counter, between the steam from the espresso machines and the hat of the brewers and all the compressors for the refrigeration had to be pushing 90 degrees in spots. Meanwhile, just before the point where the A/C would kick on I am sweating through my shirt, particularly at the neckline. My head and face begin to bead up as the humidity rises and I just cannot get to where I feel dry. Then the A/C will cool it own to barely comfortable for a while, and the cycle starts again. I stepped outside to go over to Whole Foods and the heat and brightness were like a blast furnace.....and leaving the nice and icy cold market was worse for the huge contrast between indoors and out, least re-entering the Starbucks felt good now.......for a

This 'moistness' was the same thing I was feeling Friday night outside all night, and all the way to downright soaked in the shed when I tried to sleep.
Last night was not as bad because of a good strong breeze blowing all night long. I sat out behind the library until near 3:45 am. watching TV and rewriting and sending off the latest column for the City Paper to Evan. I went and sat on "MY
" bench in front of the library, planning on laying down and skipping the shed, but I nodded off sitting up and slept that way until sometime after 5:00 am. when I stumbled down to the shed thinking that it may have cooled off enough to lay down inside since it was actually windy and almost 'cool' out...and I desperately wanted to lie down. Luckily it had, and I fell immediately to sleep, a deep solid sleep, for the first time in days. I woke up about 8:45 am. because it was getting too warm inside....and all of a sudden I really needed to get to the Giant and,...uhhhh, perform my morning meditations, in,...."sit and think"!

I was able to catch the 10:18 am. bus to meet up with the 10:35 am. bus here, arriving at the, unheard of for me recently, hour of 11:15 am.
I got extremely lucky that there was actually the one table open I prefer when I walked in. Actually the place was relatively dead for a Sunday morning, even more so in comparison to the past month or two because there has been a string of weekend swim meets at Meadowbrook that must have been regional or national level finals, flooding the coffee shop with so many customers that the pastry case looked a swarm of locusts had gone through it devouring all that lay before them, like a Biblical plague.

It rained like hell about an hour and a half ago, dropping the temperature while it rained and for a whole 15 minutes after. I preferred the wind which had blowing for a couple hours to the steamy calm out there now.

And it's closing time and I have to pack and head over to the bus top because John has not come in this evening to offer me a ride as has been happening pretty frequently of late.


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