Monday, August 20, 2012

"Late Night Lunacy.........Sunday With Rachel........................"

Good Morning;
So...I'm back in Pikesville and sitting out behind the library gain tonight.
I got dropped off at the Light Rail yesterday afternoon by my son-in-law around 3:30 pm, (after spending most of the week there.... [I've come to realize that I can get very little if any creative writing done up there in Monkton, because of the tension that has now morphed into anger and barely concealed hate that is permeating that house..],...), and then went past Monkee's because I was out of meds. I only picked up one because I was out of cash until today when I met Evan to get the balance of my money from the City Paper. (And then went past again this morning to get enough for the next 10 days) After Monkee and I talked for an hour or so yesterday I jumped back on the bus then the train and went to the coffee shop for a few hours. I ended up missing the bus and took the train to the train to the bus to Pikesville, getting back to check out the shed for the first time since Monday.

After swinging past the Giant and the gas station I headed over to the library, planning to plug in as usual, but when I saw a person sitting on the steps with a Game Boy or similar type video game player plugged in, and smoking a cigarette, as I started across the parking lot. I about faced and headed across the street and around the corner to a bench near the Staples. I was ticked off to find someone in "my" spot, (even though I know it's public property). As I was sitting on the bench  trying to decide whether to just hit the shed and crash out or wander around for a while, since it was so nice and cool for the first time in months, (as it is again tonight). 

I saw a guy walking up the street on the other side and realized it was the Russian kid Ivan I've mentioned before, and that he was the one behind the library. We talked for a minute, (I try to stay on civil terms with him, even though I don't fully trust him, based on past experience), and I said I was going over to watch TV and he headed to the gas station to get a soda. As I got the TV set up and sat down to make a sandwich he came and asked if I needed both outlets. I told him no and he plugged in his game unit and asked to watch "The Unit" with me. I said no problem and told him I was about to eat as soon he finished his cigarette because the smoke really bothered me.
He said no problem and tossed the butt away.

As soon as I got the TV tuned and a sandwich made he lit up another cigarette and I got up and pulled my plug, packed quick and dirty, bagged the food, and took off with out a word, and nothing was said by him either. I ended up on the bench by the library front entrance and ate my dinner and watched TV for 1 hour and 45 minutes until the battery failed.
When I came past the picnic table on the way to the shed about 2:30 am. he  was gone. And I haven't seen him tonight either.One of the reasons I try to keep my distance is that on any given day there is a 50/50 chance that he is likely to be busted for dope. I can't afford the 'guilt by association' that would come with that.

Today on the train on the way back from Monkee's the 'ex' called and asked if I could and wanted to come by the apartment to spend the afternoon with Rachel, shower, and hang out for a couple hours. She and her boyfriend, (partner, lover, live in companion...???? what do you call it these days), were going to the last performance of the play he was acting in an the cast party.
Well of course I said yes and timing worked out just right too, as the train pulled into Mt. Washington she happened to be right around the corner on the way home, so I did not have to wait an hour for the bus running on a Sunday schedule.

Rachel and I had a nice low key day playing board games, watching TV, and having lunch together. When they got home from the cast party about 8:30 I got a ride to the bus loop in Mt. Washington and caught the #27 bus to the Plaza Metro station, where I had a 30 minute wait for the bus up here to the library.....and we're full circle. I've been watching CH 13 since the 11:00 pm. news came on, an it's time for bed now.


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