Saturday, August 4, 2012

"The July - August Transition Post................."

Good Afternoon;'s a hot and sticky, nasty-ass Saturday in August here in Baltimore. The basic Mid-Summer Mid-Atlantic Mess from New York to North Carolina. The type of insanity provoking heat and humidity that makes one easily understand why Congress is in Recess for a month......'cause looking at some of the bullshit that comes out of D.C. when the weather in pleasant one can barely imagine the logic twisting WTF? craziness they'd be regurgitating now!!!

So.... to recap the past week beginning with Saturday the 28th of July, when due to some seriously late oversleeping, the resulting lack of motivation and ennui on both mine and Jenn's part and the threat of thunderstorms forecast but never developing, which did give a certain legitimacy to our rationalizations....I never left Jenn's. And since I was supposed to be returning Sunday night anyway.....why bother.

Jenn, Tom, and the grandmonsters left Monday around 3:00 pm. for  2 nights and 2 days at a hotel near Hershey Park and a mini-vacation, and I stayed at their place to petsit the cats and the dog. It was pretty uneventful considering that her m-i-l is a balance of senility/stupidity/batshit crazy/& a poor, foul, non-existent!! sense of hygiene and basic sanitary principles.
Which is probably the reason I started to get sick on  Tuesday with a scratchy throat, headache, & fever, that graduated into a full blown, chest wracking, lung clenching cough Tuesday night. By Wednesday I was in whatever the medical term for a "pre-pneumonia condition". When the cough began to come in spasms that too vividly reminded me of  what I went through just before I slid into full blown Pneumonia that had me in the ER and on the surgeon's 'to do' list I combed through both Jenn's and my own fairly well stocked, (in both quantity and variety), medicine bags and on Wednesday evening, when the cough was at it's worst, and when they got home, for safety precautions, dosed myself with both systemic and symptomatic remedies, from Zithromax 7/7 antibiotic, to Triaminic Cough Strips, Nsaid fever reducers and analgesics, Mega C vitamins, and my normal meds which include generic Flexeril, and Buprenorphine. This heavy duty 'quick and dirty', though well reasoned and researched, treatment has seemed to work, because after finally getting to sleep Thursday morning about 5:00 am., and sleeping for close to 12 hours, waking and getting 2 more hours in, except for residual soreness in my lungs and chest muscles, a raw throat, and a rapidly tapering off and finally disappearing cough, I was  much improved. Another 3 days of  Z-Max and I'm one with the anti-biotic, and have already stopped all other symptom treatment meds.
I just have to remember NOT!!!! to take really deep breaths 'cause the chest and lungs are still sore.

Jenn dropped me at the light rail yesterday about 3:00 pm. and I cruised by Monkee's to pick up a couple 'bupes' to get me through the weekend. Money is beyond tight, it is non-existent, so I don't know what I'm going to do after that.

Last night I was at the coffee shop until close and John gave me a ride to the library, where I sat out back until close to 4:00 am. Then I went and checked out the shed. Most of the cardboard 'ceiling/leak deflector panels' had fallen in in one of the thunderstorms that had passed through Pikesville in the past week, but I ha expected that. I had snagged heavy, heavy duty box that had been part of a shipping crate for a FedEx/Kinkos copy machine that was about 25 foot long when unfolded, and almost 5 foot tall. I had to cut it into panels and wedge it into the angle of the roof an the wall on one side and between the wall and the top shelf on the other, and tear down the parts that did not fall down. A hot. sweaty, and dirty job. After I went to the gas station and washed off I had to strip to the skin and I put on clean, dry, but raggedy clothing to sleep in and tried to lay down  and sleep. No such luck....too damn hot, I was almost soaked through again. When I went out into the 80 degree was probably 15 degrees cooler!. I walked back to the library, thinking to sleep on "MY" bench and Barry/Rainman was on it, smelling so foul that even if I was so inclined it would have been impossible to sleep near him.
I went around to the front of the library and sat and dozed on one of the benches under a tree, unable to let myself lay down in full sight of Reisterstown Rd., (as the two other homeless guys in the little park area a few yards own do), for both safety and ???...'face'-'self respect'-'appearances'...??? don't know what you' call it, but I have always preferred the 'out of sight-out of mind' model of 'sleeping rough'.

Anyway......I'm done here and the damn 'd' and 'e' keys are skipping, (if you see a word that looks wrong.....try adding a 'd' or an 'e'....or!


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