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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Donut Holes Al Fresco..........Don't Try To Lay No Booogie-Wooogie, On The Queen Of Rock And Roll!..........."

Good Morning;

Well....another night and morning in my outdoor office. Except for the mosquitos and not being able to sit around in your underwear it's pretty cool. But then again, maybe those two items cancel each other out....lol!

It's actually quite cool and breezy and I'm about to head over to the shed. Dinner was carry out Munchkins from the "Dunkin' Dumpster" with a mayonnaise sanwich for desert.....yeah things are tough right now all around.

I'm going to have a column in next week's issue (Sept. 5th) of the City Paper. I was told I can get an advance, but I'm not sure how much yet. Food, Bus Pass, Meds , and hopefully enough to take Rachel to the Maryland State Fair on Labor Day, and next week can take care of itself.

Jenn texted me asking if I could ride herd on the grandmonsters Friday afternoon  and Saturday morning because they have meetings and work, and again Sunday for a wedding, so it's up and back twice to the insane asylum, and the batshit crazy m-i-l, ...who I was just informed, called up Jenn's grandmother, (MY mother), in Delaware and spun a packet of lies to try to enlist her in the ambush that batshit crazy setup when Jenn and family were told they had to get out.
I'm told that she was told basically..."Oh?, well......bye!"

Today at Noon I am meeting with the HCH caseworker at the coffee shop.

So I'll be back this afternoon with an update....

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