Monday, August 13, 2012

"P.O.V.........Present, Future, Past

Good Evening truly is a lovely night out tonight. Cool with a pleasant breeze, low humidity..a little cloudy, but for once I can sit here without worrying about rain from them. I wish I had a cold beer and a warm body next to me...(preferably a female human within the socially acceptable age parameters)..., and we're sharing a big old chaise lounge on a --- rooftop deck or balcony overlooking city lights,
the porch of a cabin in the mountains with a view that goes in forever, or hammocks in front of a beach shack/bar/restaurant in the 'Islands', (French Polynesian or Caribbean, I'm!),...[or "Oz"].

I've got the TV plugged in and I'm channel surfing between WMPT 67-2 airing a  public tv documentary show, "P.O.V." a collection of short films by various film makers, the one on now is amazingly beautiful and strikes a chord within me with it's haunting solitude of the South Australian salt flats at Lake Eyre. He is using real time and elapsed time videos, and  a series of automatically controlled time lapse stills, synchronised to the Sun by an equatorial mount. Incredible!
So many places left to see.......

And I'm skipping across the channels to the WJZ 13 News, a cornball movie on WUTB 24-2 from 1979, "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh", and "Law And Order" on  24-1.

Now a segment on the people who design and create "glass eyes" cool!
Now a segment on a man who has the most vinyl records in the world, over 1,000,000 LPs, and 1,500,00 45s....over 80 % of which is no longer to the public according to the Library of Congress. It is a designated 'Archive', and he can find no one at all willing to buy it and take it on to preserve it after he is gone.
How can either the industry or museums be so blind?!

Okay one half of my weekend TV addiction, the weekend version, part 2,
 is now on.... "Criminal Minds".

Back to PBS and a segment on a job I used to have, cleaning out houses that were foreclosed on, abandoned, or where the owner died. It can be a dirty and dangerous job, and yet both extremely heartrending to be trashing people's lifelong memories, and,...rewarding. If while cleaning everything out you are able to recognize and grab something and save it from destruction and return it to the owner/next of kin, (which was why I got fired from the temp. agency that worked for banks and mortgage companies-- whose only concern was speed....and hired on by a privately owned company that worked mainly for investors, lawyers and estate liquidators and funeral homes-- and where everything was sorted into 4 categories: trash.., scrap/recycle.., cash value/salable.., intrinsic value/heirlooms). If I could still do the required physical work required I might be there still.

 I'm babbling and going off on all kinds of tangents, and the wifi here is slower than molasses and it's taking minutes  for each 'auto save', so I'm gone.


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