Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Walking A Mile In A (Dead) Man's Shoes....... & Pain And (Possibly) Gain..."

Good Evening;
Well, I'm here at the coffee shop about to pack up and head over to the bus stop. It's been a rough day after a BAAAD night. I was in such pain in my lower left back and hip from the damaged sciatic nerve that I was damn near in tears. I could only find one position lying own that relieved the pressure and that was after downing a handful of Ibuprofen and Flexeril and a 3rd  dose of 'bupe' (which is really rare for me).
Sleep came in short random periods, and waking up frequently and standing up for a minute then lying back down was the norm. I finally got up for goo about Noon when I heard someone on a cel phone outside the shed. After waiting 30 minutes for him to finish fighting with his wife/girlfriend an take off I rolled out and over to the Giant for an hour, then the library for an hour, then after catching a bus just in time to make a connection...which typically for the MTA never showed up, I waited another hour for the bus over here.

A couple good things did surface today... 
I have a meeting tomorrow with a rep. from HCH to see about having them take on my case with D.S.S./S.S.A.

I got an e-mail from Evan at the City Paper stating that if I got him a column by next Tuesday he just may be able to get it in next week's edition, which means I will be able to take Rachel to the State Fair.
(But Donations are STILL accepted and appreciated....just in case, y'know)

And wearing, for the first time, the boots I got from Monkee that belonged to her late husband, a pair of real Timberlands, with practically no wear on them, are a big help in relieving some of the back pain. They are a size 11-1/2 Normal Width
replacing the size 11 Wides that I was wearing...of course what I REALLY  needed were a size 11 Normal Width, so it's a tradeoff...these grip my feet across the foot while allowing some slippage up an down and back and forth, while the previous pair from Walmart allowed my feet to spread and flatten with slop across the instep. But as long as I go slow and watch my footing this pair does help by eliminating one outside factor in my back pain.

Gotta run now.........

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