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Sunday, August 12, 2012

"The Good, The Bad, & The Batshit Fugly..............."

Good Morning;

Well I'm sitting out here behind the library again tonight watching TV and futzing around on FB and the 'net. The one thing I'm not doing though is tweeting. I have deactivated my Twitter account and withdrawn from the HEaR ME Tweet And Tumblr Project.
Besides my ingrained dislike of Twitter in general, and having no passion for the tweets I was posting, it was becoming a tremendous time waster. I also looked closer at the details of the grant proposal after the grad student whose PhD. project this is informed me of the need for an analytics program to find out details about the tweets, and those 'following' and those I 'followed'. After   looking into the tool he was recommending, www.kred.com , and a bunch of others and found that the information tracked and the breadth and depth of the search is way too intrusive for both the tweeter and the reader, and in my opinion, kind of creepy. Between this and just not feeling in any way connected to the medium of "micro-blogging", the 'carrot' of the phone (a Blackberry clone.....meh..) and the minutes aren't worth it.

So.....it's been about a week since the last real post. Let's see, (sidebar---hav you eveer noticd how har it is to writeeeeeeeeeeeeeee without using th leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeteeeers "e" an "d".... I'm just sayin', so you can visualiz what I'm aling with on th hardwar front!)
on Monday I commented on a post from Jenn on FB that basically started out with a generally humorous statement about someone needing a slap upside the head, that morphed into "with a sock full of nickels" that ended up being "wrapped around a chair".
When I mentioned that she seemed to be having a touch of anger issues, it came out that her batshit crazy m-i-l had told them they had to get out of her house and given them 30 days to do so.
C U Next Tuesday!
Well...when I half jokingly said "So I guess this isn't a good night to ask if I can ride back with you after your meeting and shower and do laundry?" She said "Why the hell not? At this point who cares what the bitch thinks" 
Circumstances, such as my s-i-l Tom getting sick with the same chest infection that almost cost me my lungs the week before from severe, uncontrollable coughing, exacerbated by his history of bronchitis and me having to watch the kids while Jenn took him to the doctor, then all of us, kids included, seriously oversleeping one morning, afternoon, and the next day, (Wednesday) Jenn having a meeting in the evening and asking me to stay and watch the kids again to give Tom a chance to rest, intervened so that I didn't get out of there until late Thursday afternoon. The whole time I was there I was able through both luck and planning to avoid contact with the m-i-l, and stay in Jenn and family's basement apartment, not wanting to get dragged into the middle of the conflict, and also because I don't want to be put into a situation where the temptation to speak my mind allows the emotional part of my brain to duct tape the logical side to a chair and tell her what I really think of someone who puts her grandkids in jeopardy.
Watch this space after they are safely moved out for the REAL dirt.

Actually this week looks to be a bit of a repeat with me going up Monday night to bathe, leaving Tuesday and returning Wednesday evening to stay through Friday because Jenn's best friend is going in for surgery and Jenn is driving her to and from the hospital and staying with her for the first night home.
Hey, if I'm going to lose my one consistent shower and clean clothes facility, again, I'm going to use it up to the end!
This has been the worst stretch of the whole time I've been out on the street, I just have not been able to stay dry because of the heat and the lingering extreme humidity.

On the up-side....last week the retired head of Health Care for the Homeless was in the coffee shop one day and called me over and asked if he could speak to me. We had met casually before and he was familiar with the blog and had just read the first 2 columns in the City Paper, (I think # 3 is this Wednesday). He mentioned that he had read about my trials and tribulations with S.S.I. and asked if I would mind if he could try to hook me up with someone who might be able to expedite the process and guide me through the paperwork maze.
"WOULD I MIND???" My face is bloody from banging my head against the bureaucratic walls......what o you think?......lol!!
So I am awaiting a call, text, e-mail, and or visit from this person, more as it develops.....

The wind has picked up, it poured earlier and I was an am still under the awning behind the library at the picnic table that I pulled under just before the clouds burst and damn near flooded me out. Another inch and the water in the loading dock sunken ramp area would have been all over the sidewalk and flowing under the library staff entrance. It's almost chilly now so I am heading over to the shed to try to sleep.
 I am 6 cents short of bus fare for tomorrow and have a couple donuts, a can of tuna and a bag of ramen noodles as food until Monday night. I need to find at least $15.00 for meds from Monday through Friday, (or I'm not going to be able to help Jenn out), and bus fare for Monday because still no Foodstamps or TDAP.
It's been a long, hot, nasty, sticky, underfunded summer!
And one way or another, work, beg, borrow or steal.....
I need to get hold of about $100.00 +/- by the end of the month to take Rachel to the State Fair, we have not been able to get together as much recently, but the Fair is an important tradition and a legacy carried down from Jenn and I to Rachel and I, and passed along to Jenn and her kids, (and when I ended up back in my oldest daughter and my grandkids lives....it happened by "coincidence" that they were at the Fair on the same night out of 8 days and nights that Rachel and I went!)...and now we try to purposely make arrangements to meet up there.

Too tired to think of the rest of what I wanted to write.


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