Monday, August 27, 2012

"Tired Of Being So Tired..............."

Good Evening;
Well....I'm back in town and at the coffee shop. Jenn just dropped me off after 4 nights an 3 & 1/2 days at her place. Tom had picked me up around quarter after Midnight on Thur./Fri. night.
It was typical of most visits of late, their underlying fear, worry, and anger about having to move coloring everyone's thoughts and actions, even if only subconsciously....and the batshit crazy m-i-l acting as if everything is normal.

Nothing much I really feel like writing about now. I'm just so damned tired all the time recently, partly from the effects of the start of the downhill slide on the depression rollercoaster, and partly...??I don't know what??.

I submitted another story to Evan for column # 4 in the City Paper an I'm praying he runs it because I'm dead effin' broke. Waiting to hear from Monkey to see if I'll be able to pick up a couple 'bupes' tonight, because I'm out of them as of last night.
Tomorrow I need to get to D.S.S. and refile the Foodstamps and TDAP claims, and to recertify the Medical Assistance claim, (especially the M.A. claim because there is some weird shit going on,AGAIN!, with my Gastro-Intestinal system.).

I meet with the woman from HCH on Wednesday here at the coffee shop again.

And that's it for now.....

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