Friday, August 17, 2012

"Who Needs Sleep.......... Read 'Em And Weep.......... The Write Stuff ??.........".

Good Morning;
So...I'm at Jenn's again, meaning her B.S.C. m-i-l's house. I've been watching the grandmonsters and messing up my already out of whack sleep patterns. How messed up you ask? How about breakfast and my first cup of coffee at 2:00 pm.!!!

Anyway I think I'm leaving Saturday morning, and I have to roll out by Saturday evening because I'll be out of meds and need to get to Monkee's Saturday night.

Things here are still the simmering stew pot of barely suppressed negative emotions, which I'm trying to stay out of being caught in the middle, because believe me NONE of the principals involved want to hear my unfiltered and unvarnished opinions on the matter. So I'm just getting as much shower and laundry time as possible while I still can, 'cause who knows where Jenn and family will end up. (I have heard Pennsylvania, just over the Maryland line being discussed. you can see I had column #3 published in the City Paper this week,, with any luck I'll be able to get some cash this weekend. I received an E-mail from someone at HCH and I hope to meet with her early next week when I am back in town. I also got a voicemail from someone at "Word On The Street", Baltimore's independent, grassroots, 'homeless focused' newspaper.. thing which I will be looking into next week. A writing workshop was mentioned, and I THINK an invitation to submit something. (Bad reception here in the basement, and the fidelity of the low budget TracFone recording leaves a lot to be desired!)

The Maryland State Fair is a week away, so I definitely need cash quick, I'll
have to see if I can coax Evan into another column next week.  ;-)

Anyway....I need to jump in the shower and rinse off...(Because I CAN!!)... these freakin' hot flashes and cold sweats are not only driving me crazy, but they combine with the fabric softener and laundry detergent residue that is always in the clothing after washing, 
(Even after a triple rinse.), and it makes the very cotton cloth of the tee shirts feel heavy, dense, and cruddy.


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