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Friday, September 7, 2012

"A Day With Rachel....................&................Where's The Thunder?............"

Good Evening;

First, Thank you to 'John', and if I did not reply to your e-mail, it probably got lost in my junk folder as spam because I did not know it was not. I'll answer any that I get, (except obvious hate mail....lol), if you place the word 'Homelesscide' in the Subject box it makes it easier to spot when looking through 5 dozen scams. :~)

Well.....I'm here at the coffee shop again after spending the better part of the day at Rachel's, (her mother's), house. I asked her mother last night if I could shower and do a load of laundry and spend some time with Rachel today. She said yes and we made arrangements that I would be picked up around 9:00 am. at the Giant, as she had some shopping to do. I got to wash, etc., and work with Rachel on some of he school work. 
(She is home schooled....and I am not 100% happy with that, but luckily she is very bright and there is more of a concerted effort to follow a 'real' curriculum than was the case with the "ex'es" other 2 girls.)

About 3:30 pm. I caught the bus down to Mt. Washington and here I've been.

And just as a bit of curious irony....
Tuesday night as I was passing by Fords Ln. on Park Heights Ave. on the bus I saw the road being closed off by a police car, and fire equipment u the street.....LOTS of fire equipment! I thought it was farther up the street from the apt. bldg. we used to live in but a text msg. from Jenn told me it WAS my old place, (and the site where this journey began).
Not only was there a large blaze there on Tuesday night, but at 8:30 am Wednesday morning the fire department was there again.
The place was vacant and had no electricity, no gas, and no water, and was boarded up completely on all ground floor doors and windows.
The investigators are not making any definitive statements yet..... but?
The building was up for auction for tax liens at least once that I am aware of, and rumor has it more than once.

Hey...how about a bit of trivia?
Do you know one of the slang terms for arson for profit?..:


I make no claim that this is the cause, it may have been squatters with candles or a camp stove, or crackheads, junkies, or tweakers with a flame, a dropped cigarette....who knows?
I guess the Arson Investigators and Fire Marshalls will let us know.


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