Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Riding With Ozzy................'When You Peer Into The Abyss****The Abyss Also Peers Into You!'............"

Good Morning;

So....I'm at the library again today, and it looks as if I'll be here if I want to post anything other than a link to the blog. The keyboard on the laptop has become such a hassle that using it for more than 'click and point' mouse work is more trouble than it's worth.

A short recap of the past week...
I went to Jenn's on Friday to watch the grandkids, staying until Labor Day
Monday. I've written about staying there enough already, the only thing I have to say about this visit is that I could not get any restful sleep... a situation that is still ongoing, back at the shed.

They have a new place to live now, and are in the process of moving stuff bit by bit over to it. A full scale move with as many friends as possible especially those folks with vans or trucks, and the rental of a U-Haul for the big items is in the works, date TBA. They will be out from under the batshit crazy, unsanitary, dirty, and completely unhygienic m-i-l soon, and not a second too soon!

They are moving west across the top of Baltimore County to Falls Road to a 120 year old 2 story with finished attic and dirt basement farmhouse, (which has been in a bunch of motion pictures....I'll find out exactly which ones soon). It's about 5 minutes longer from the Hunt Valley Light Rail, so access is not that much different from where they are now.

On Labor Day I was supposed to take Rachel to the Maryland State Fair, but the weather, particularly the torrential downpours and thunderstorms that kept popping up from the time Tom dropped me at the LR at Hunt Valley and continued all afternoon once I got to Rachel's mother's and the awful, miserable, nasty humidity between the rains, put an end to that idea. We spent the day at her mom's just hanging out, watching TV, and playing really fun board game where you have to build railway lines across the continental U.S.A. with her mother. I ordered out and treated for a delivery pizza and french fries, (REAL!!! FFs!!....Yummmmmmm!!), from the Mt. Washington Subs And Pizza And Indian Food carryout, and it was pretty damn good. I caught the last bus at 8:03 pm. back to Pikesville and sat out in front of the library for a while reading and watching TV until the battery ran down, then hit the shed. It was so hot and humid I HAD to go buy batteries for the little fan I have, 2 minutes to Midnight/closing at, the Giant! Which means I ended up paying almost $7.00 for 4 D cell Dura-Max batteries. But it was necessary, because there was no where else dry to lay down, and I HAD to lay down and get off my feet.

Tuesday, after another bad night of almost no sleep, it was up at 8:00 am. and take morning meds and try to get back to sleep. I was up at 10:00 am. and about to leave the shed and peered through the peepholes to be sure there was no one in sight. Just as I was about to open up, 3 vehicles pulled up and people got out and began walking around and looking at the office building. It seemed to be a real estate guy, an architect/engineer, and 2 contractors. When they all went inside I popped the door slipped out with my bags and ran the chain back through the holes and locked it back up, then headed over to the Giant to wash up and shave. After puttering around there for an hour, (and grabbing up a great bargain...there were containers with a bunch of 2 inch square little deli meat sandwiches in them for $0.99, I took some over to the scale out of curiosity and 4 0f them weighed between 1/2 and 3/4 of a pound I snatched them up. I paid $2.00 for 4 and got over a pound of meat, mostly rare roast beef, with a little turkey and ham too. Even after peeling away the moist and almost soggy squares of bread there was still a pound of meat. With a loaf of Giant rye bread and a handful of mayo packets...this was breakfast/ was after 4:00 pm. before I finally ate, dinner, and late night dinner!) Then it was over to the RiteAid to drop off a prescription, then here to the library to check for any e-mails, then on to the buses and over to the coffee shop.

Like my time at Jenn's m-i-l's, I've written enough about a regular day at the coffee 9:00 pm. it was back on the train to the train to the bus to Pikesville, the picnic table behind the library, TV, late night dinner, and a 2:30 am. stop at the gas station to use the restroom before laying down and trying to sleep....
Which bring us to today.....I hit the Giant on the run at 8:00 am. to use the restroom, came back to the shed and changed and dressed for the day and gathered my bags, went back to the Giant for coffee and lunch meat...(there were still the little sandwiches, but they were both too small and the bread was too far gone, turning to mush, for me.....someone must have ordered a platter and never showed up to get it, that is where these came from I guess, and they had to try to salvage some profit from them).
Then I went to the RiteAid to pick up my prescription, I stopped here at the library, and now I'm leaving to head to East Baltimore near Johns Hopkins to get another weeks worth of one of my other meds.
After that I'll most likely stop at the coffee shop.

As you might have guessed from the past few posts, yesterday's in particular, I'm not in the best of places right now....and that covers the field from Physical to Emotional to Mental to Spiritual. A deeper than the norm fall into the abyss of depression combined with the "contact high" stress that I have been absorbing from the abnormaly extensive time recently spent at Jenn's during their little excursion, "Goin'Off The Rails On A Crazy Train", and a slew of other outside influences not for publication in such a public venue, and I'm feeling as stable as a bottle of nitroglycerine in a blender.

But on the lighter side of all the suicidal ideations.....check out today's (Wednesday Sept 5th 2012) edition of the Baltimore City Paper, page 9, for my latest "Homelesscide" column - 'Tales From The Crypt'
(Link To Be Provided Later Today...OR go to, click on columns tab, scroll down and ckick on 'Tales From The Crypt' - HOMELESSCIDE)


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